Tuesday, February 2, 2016

TAST 2016 Stitch 27

TAST Stitch 27: Bonnet Stitch

This week's stitch was posted while I was trying to figure out how to embellish the final seam on a fabric postcard I made for a Valentine postcard I made for another swap. 

I worked the stitch with two strands of DMC cotton floss - one red and one white. I thought it would be fun to add alternating red and white beads to dress it up. I have a hard time looking at the seam without thinking of a line of people walking along, joyfully throwing their hands in the air.

TAST stands for Take a Stitch Tuesday. It is a personal stitching challenge offered by Sharon B. on Facebook and on her blog, pintangle.com. You may read more about it hereIf you follow the TAST Facebook group, you know there are some incredibly inspiring examples of these stitches being shared. Anyone may join at any time during the challenge. Thank you, Sharon, for offering TAST!

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Christine Barnsley said...

What a beautiful version of bonnet stitch.... such a clever idea to sew with two strands of different colour threads. I love it! Christine x

Christine Barnsley said...

PS. I love the new photo you have on your blog header.... what a beautiful block! Christine x

KimM said...

This is so pretty! I've never seen the bonnet stitch.

Katie said...

LOL I see the happy people too. Beautiful stitch though.

Heather said...

Congratulations of being published in the Crazy Quilter's Quarterly Spring addition!

Anonymous said...

Looks good! Another one I haven't done often. I like the two-color thread choice, and yes, joyful hands in the air. =)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I like that joyful image idea! Another pretty stitch.