Thursday, February 11, 2016

CQJP 2016 January Block Seams 7 & 8 Motif 4

The 7th seam on my CQJP 2016 block was another opportunity to play with the bonnet stitch I recently learned through TAST.

This seam was stitched with size 8 DMC #125 variegated green pearl cotton to create the bonnet stitch. Next, 3 small straight stitches were added to the top of the bonnet stitches using size 8 DMC #815 pearl cotton.

The 8th seam was created with sets of straight stitches using size 8 Anchor #1206 red and black variegated pearl cotton.

Sharon B.'s Crazy Quilting Templates Set 2 were used to create the 4th motif. 

First, I traced one of the flower motifs. Next, I traced a stem and then traced 2 leaves. For the flower, I also drew a small circle in the center. (Note: I used a mechanical pencil to trace the shapes. In the tighter sections of the templates, I found the pencil lead from the mechanical pencil fits easily.)

The stem was stitched with size 8 DMC #125 pearl cotton and the twisted chain stitch.

The leaves were added with the same floss and fly stitches worked from the tip to the base. (I do wish I switched my variegated green floss around on my needle for the top leaf, so the lighter color would have been at the tip.)

Next, I used a split stitch around the outer petals, using size 8 DMC #815 pearl cotton and filled the petals in with a long and short stitch. This was worked from the outer tips, in to the edges of the circle I drew. 

Using size 8 Anchor white pearl cotton and a satin stitch, I filled the center of the flower.

The completion of my January block is finally within sight! Thank you for stopping by.


*Note: I am not affiliated with Sharon B.'s crazy quilt templates. I was asked to review the Set 2 templates and am having great fun playing with them in the process!


Christine Barnsley said...

Beautiful work Renee! I particularly like the flower! Christine x

Katie said...

So beautiful.

KimM said...

Beautiful stitching and design.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that stem is a twisted chain! I looked at it closely, and darned if it isn't. =) Well, you should know, of course! =) I love all of the stitching you showed in this post, and I'll be filing it away in my "good stuff to do" file. =) Thanks!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your wee flower is so pretty - I especially like the twisted stem stitch you used on the stem. Perfect!