Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fractal White Tiger November 2016 Update

563 stitches were added to my Charting Creations Fractal White Tiger cross stitch in November. 

Almost all of the stitches I added were the same color, so I managed this progress in less than 2 hours this morning. (It's been a crazier than normal month...)

Most of those stitches were also a shade of white, making them difficult to spot.

This was my progress last month. 

The colors in this photo are more true. (This winter lighting makes it difficult to get a good picture!)

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Twilight Duel Update 15 November 2016

The 2nd Monday of November has arrived. There will only be one more update on this piece this year. I hope to have more progress by then, but it seems very unlikely with my schedule the way it is.

Here is my bit of progress on the Heaven and Earth Designs chart of Ruth Thompson's "Twilight Duel" artwork.

Just over 200 stitches were added to page 3 in October and I have barely had time to touch a needle this month. 

(If you look REALLY closely, you might note the blue along the far left edge filled in a tiny bit.)

Percent Complete:
Project: 22.06%  (It was 21.91%)
Page 1: 100%
Page 2: 100%
Page 3: 16%        (It was 14.14%)
Page 4: 100%
Page 5: 1.83%     (Same)
Page 6: 0%
Page 7: 7.08%     (Same)
Page 8: 100%
Page 9: 2.08%     (Same)
Page 10: 0.25%   (Same)
Page 14: 2.9%     (It was 1.83%)

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