Sunday, April 28, 2019

SK Effects of Caffeine - SAL Update 6

Yikes! This update is being posted much later in the day than I had hoped. The past three weeks have been a blur. Unfortunately, not a lot of progress was made on my Storykeep Effects of Caffeine cross-stitch.

Here is a photo of Randal Spangler's artwork.

Only 83 stitches were added. I am hoping to make more progress by our May 19th update. We have university graduation celebrations and Mother's Day coming up between now and then, so we shall see...


I am still filling in the author's name: I. M. DRAGGIN.

I want to thank Avis for all she does to keep this SAL going! It is a bit different from many other stitch-alongs, as participants share progress on one project of their own choice. If you are interested in joining, you may find more details by following the link to her blog below.

I do hope you will visit everyone to see what they working on! We are in many different time zones, so if a post is not up yet, please check back later. Jess is taking a break for the moment.

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The reason my post is later than I had hoped... I generally draft my SAL update on Saturday and schedule it to post in the wee hours of Sunday morning. However, I had an opportunity to help a relative out during my bit of free time before my husband and I left to attend an event at the McMenamens Edgefield Hotel.  (We always enjoy the Edgefield, and learn a bit more about the history of the facility - which was once a poor farm - with every visit. You may learn more about it here.) We also had an opportunity to listen to Amadan perform. It was so much fun! (This high energy band has a Facebook page here.) This morning we enjoyed a yummy breakfast at the Black Rabbit Restaurant. (My fruit salad was amazing.) And on the way home, we stopped to watch Avengers: Endgame. Now it is time to tackle chores... 

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Sunday, April 7, 2019

SK Effects of Caffeine - SAL Update 5

892 stitches were added to my Heaven and Earth Designs Storykeep Effects of Caffeine cross-stitch project since the last SAL update.

The piece now reads:

The author's name is being filled in now: I. M. Draggin.

Randal Spangler's artwork that this piece is based upon is here.

This is how it looked on March 17th.

8,033 of 23,660 stitches are now complete.

The project is 33.95% complete.
Page 1 is 100% complete.
Page 2 is 26.93% complete.

I do hope you will stop by to see what the other SAL (stitch along) participants are working on! Steph and LucyAnn are taking a break at the moment. If you are interested in joining, contact Avis. More details are on her blog.

Links to the other blogs are below. We are all in different time zones, so if a post is not up yet, please check back later.

Thank you for visiting! Our next update will be on April 28th.