Friday, November 9, 2018

QS Red Hearts Update - October 2018

In October, I really hoped to finish page 6 of my Heaven and Earth Design's "QS Red Hearts" cross-stitch project, based on artwork by the talented Ching-Chou Kuik. Mission accomplished!

This is how she looked at the end of September. 

1,324 stitches were added in October. 

7 of 9 pages are now complete!

This is how she looked on October 31st.

The project is 91.89% complete. (It was 89.07% in September.)

Pages 1-5: 100% 
Page 6: 100% (It was 70.34%)
Page 7: 100%
Page 8: 48.99% (It was 41.24%)
Page 9: 17.04% (It was 7.03%)

November 16 - 18 will be International Hermit & Stitch Weekend (IHSW). I hope to make significant progress on this piece then! (In October, 930 stitches were added during IHSW.) 

To meet my goal of finishing this project in 2018, I need to stitch 1,910 stitches in November and December. We'll see! It's a bit trickier now that I am working full time.

IHSW is an event that takes place the 3rd full weekend of the month. It is an opportunity to set aside as much time as possible to stitch. You may learn more about IHSW here. There is an IHSW Facebook Group that you may find here.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

November 2018

October Accomplishments:
1. I shared the step-by-step process of completing my CQJP 2018 April block in this post.

2. Projects for the Peek a Who? Blog Hop, hosted by Marian at Seams to Be Sew, were completed and shared here.

3. September's progress on QS Red Hearts was shared in this post and 1,324 stitches were added in October. I will share an update later this month.

4. I created a block and submitted photos to Pamela Kellogg for the Spring 2019 Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine. I will be sure to share it here in February. (I am not affiliated with the Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine. The Winter 2018 edition is now available at MagCloud here, and through Pamela Kellogg's Etsy shop here.)

November Goals:
1. Complete at least one more CQJP 2018 block.

2. Add stitches to QS Red Hearts.

3. Finish a Christmas gift.

4. Finish my last block for the Sun, Sand, and Sea BOM.

5. Start working on my goals for 2019. (Can you believe how fast the new year is approaching?!)

6. Decide if I am going to participate with CQJP 2019. (You may need to scroll down through the posts to find it, but details have been shared on the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2018 Facebook Page, which may be found here.) Piecing the blocks seems to be the stumbling block for finishing my CQJP challenges on time each year, so IF I am able to piece the 12 blocks for 2019, I will sign up.

I hope you all have a fantastic month!