Monday, February 29, 2016

Fractal White Tiger February 2016 Update

I only managed to put 7 days worth of work on my Charting Creations "Fractal White Tiger" chart based on artwork by Ricky Barnard.  However, I did manage to add 2,107 stitches.

Someone asked me if I could add a coin to give a sense of scale to the piece. 

Last month, I worried about the coverage the tent stitch was providing with the darker sections. Those fears were unfounded.

This was how it looked in my last update. (The camera was zoomed in much closer.)

It does not look like a tiger yet, but I just love watching these colors come together. 

I am sharing my progress on this project at A New Stitchy Start. I do hope you will stop by and see the progress other bloggers have made on their cross-stitch projects!

I am also linking up with Monday Stitchery Link Party #47 at Super Mom - No Cape! 

I do hope you will stop by to see the vintage embroidery pattern Sue has shared this week and to see the lovely work other bloggers have shared.

Oh - I also have to share a bit of exciting news. I was delighted to find out I won last week's giveaway that Kim offered at Wisdom with Needle and Thread. She will be offering one last giveaway this month, which should be posted today. I do hope you will stop by and take a look at Kim's lovely work. She is a great painter, she cross-stitches beautifully and she makes the sweetest dolls and miniatures.

Thank you for stopping by!


Justine said...

That really looks amazing! No issues with coverage that I can see. Congratulations on your win.

Christine Barnsley said...

Beautiful work Renee! The coin really puts the tiny stitches into perspective! Christine x

Katie said...

Wow Gorgeous progress! I don't see any problem at all with the coverage. I'm so glad! Beautiful! Congrats on your win!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I can really see the progress on this piece! And congrats on the exciting win...can't wait to see what you create.

Tiffstitch said...

Lovely work! I saw one of these almost done on Facebook, they're gorgeous. said...

Wow that is amazing. Gorgeous.

Needled Mom said...

Those stitches are so tiny. It is coming together beautifully.

KimM said...

Beautiful work, Renee - it's coming along so nicely. Keep those needles flying -

Sheryl S. said...

This design is a terrific lot of work Renee and you are making good progress. it will be interesting to see the tiger appear. Congrats on your win.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your win! That's exciting! I can see a lot of difference with those extra 2,107 stitches. I think it was the last seven that did it. ;) I love seeing how the percentages are going 2% is a lot done on this one, especially when added to 8% on the dragons and 23% on Red Hearts. That's a lot of XS in the last few months! Plus all the other smaller things, AND your CQ. You are a busy woman!