Wednesday, December 27, 2017

UFO Challenge 2017 Review

Last December I created a list of UFOs (unfinished objects - not the ones from space) that I wanted to complete or make progress on this year. 

The challenge was offered at and members were invited to join the American Patchwork and Quilting's UFO Challenge group on Facebook

How it worked:

  • List 12 UFOs you wanted to complete in 2017.
  • Each month a number between 1 & 12 was selected as the project of the month.

Click on any photo for a larger view.

1. Finish my Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP) 2013 January block into a finished project.

July 2017 Project

Completed in July.

It was shared in this blog post.

2. Embellish the "E" block from my Crazy Quilting International Heart Round Robin and make a wall quilt with the blocks.

May 2017 Project

The "E" block was completed in June.

It was shared in this blog post.

3. Complete the "Hearts Askew" quilt from the book Hearts Aplenty by Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith.

October 2017 Project

I found the fabric and finished the first border in October.

4. Complete my Pink OSU Messenger Bag. 

December 2017 Project.

A few seams were embellished.

5. Make a clutch purse with my CQJP 2014 May block. 

August 2017 Project
Finished and donated in October.

It was shared in this blog post.

6. Make a bag with my CQJP 2014 November block. 

January 2017 Project
Completed and donated in January.

It was shared in this blog post.

7. Embellish December CQJP 2014 block and make into a bag.

September 2017 Project


8. Finish quilting this CQI Winter/Christmas Round Robin Wall Quilt with snowflakes, add a label, and bind it.

February 2017 Project.
I added a few snowflakes along the far right side and beaded a few existing snowflakes.

9. Frame or fully finish Heaven and Earth Designs Santa and the Mouse Freebie Ornament based on artwork by Scott Gustafson. (The pattern is retired, but there was a similar one available at the time of this post found here. Both of these are from a larger piece of art found here.)

November 2017 Project

Picked up from the framer at Michael's on December 20, 2017.

It was shared in this blog post.

10. Embellish and sew a CQ Stocking for my son.

June 2017 Project

Finished December 23, 2017.

It was shared in this blog post.

11. Make a wall quilt with my CQI Under the Sea Round Robin #2 Blocks Set 1.

April 2017 Project
The "Sea Dreams" wall quilt was finished in May.

It was shared in this blog post.

12. Embellish block  from the CQI Under the Sea Round Robin #2 Blocks Set 2 and make a wall quilt. 

March 2017 Project

"Ocean Frolics" was completed in March.

It was shared in this blog post.

UFOs completed that were not on the list:

This mug rug I started in 2015 was finished in January.

The blog post is here.

I made a wall quilt with my "February" block in January. This was the 2nd crazy quilt block I ever embellished, and it had been tucked safely away since June of 2012.

The blog post is here. (It includes a link to the magazine the photo was published in.)

The pumpkin I cross-stitched last year was finished into a crazy-quilted fabric postcard for a swap in October. 

The blog post is here.

In 2005, I made this quilt. It was adapted from the pattern "Sealed with a Kiss" in the book Hearts Aplenty by Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith. This December, I finally added a label and a hanging sleeve.

The blog post is here.

January 2017
UFO Project List

December 2017 
UFOs completed in 2017.

I am happy to say I fully completed 11 UFOs this year (12 if I include the "E" embellished for project #2) and made progress on 4 more. 

I am looking forward to the 2018 UFO Challenge! The printable list and details may be found here. The January project was announced early and it will be #12.

Thank you for stopping by.

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Katie said...

I'd say you did amazing. It's been fun on this side cheering you along. I look forward to what you accomplish in 2018!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

If my computer chair didn't have wheels I would be standing on it right now giving you a standing ovation for all you've accomplished!! Might hurt myself (to say nothing about the chair) so will refrain, but know that in my heart I'm up there, cheering madly. said...

Wow that is awesome. You did a great job finishing things up this year.

Queeniepatch said...

Really impressive! You have proved what you can achieve so obviously you can finish all your items on the 2018 list, too.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous, Renee! I'm so happy for you, and proud of you. It's taken a lot of stick-to-itiveness to get that far this year, with everything else going on. You did well!