Saturday, July 29, 2017

CQJP 2013 January Block Zipper Pouch Completed

This zipper pouch was created with my very first Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP) block in January of 2013. 

I have added credits on the photo as well, but would like to point out that I used waste canvas to stitch one of the houses from a cross stitch chart called, "Cozy Winter Twilight" that is in the Stoney Creek Country Living Collection booklet. And the birch tree and snowflake flowers in front of the mailbox were some of my first attempts using tutorials in Diana Lampe's book, Embroidery for all Seasons

This is the back of the pouch.

For the lining, I used a snowy print found in my fabric stash.

My attempts to capture the lining in a photo with my camera blurred around the edges. I thought the affect was kind of fun, but used the camera on my phone for the clearer view in the photo above.

This block was #1 on my UFO Challenge list for 2017. This was the project selected for July.

Thanks to the motivation this challenge provides, I have completed 4 UFOs (unfinished objects) this year and made progress on 3 others.

(If you click on this image for a larger view the text will clear. I am not sure why the Picasa program's text seems to blur when photos are added to my blog.)

A photo of this pouch may be found on my Instagram account, on this Pinterest board, and on my Hand Stitched Treasure Facebook page.

This zipper pouch is also part of my 1 X-mas Item a Month goals. You may see what others are making here.


The Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP) is a personal challenge to complete one crazy quilt block each month. Sign ups generally open in November and close in December the year before the challenge. You may see more of the work others completed during CQJP 2013 here. If you might be interested in participating in 2018, watch for the sign up information on this year's CQJP 2017 blog here

You may find more information about the 2017 UFO Challenge here at 

Tutorials I found helpful in making this bag include the Missouri Star Quilt Company Zipper Pouch Tutorial on YouTube, found here, and part of this tutorial at Emmaline Bags.

I am not affiliated with any of these sites, links were added for your convenience.

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Pamela said...

Gorgeous finish!

Pull the other thread said...

That is a fantastic finish. What will you use your beautiful zipper pouch for?

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

The pouch is WONDERFUL. You sure have a lot of inspiration to complete UFOs from the links you shared. I always love seeing your stitchy art.
xx, Carol

Anonymous said...

That is a great effect with the camera. I'm always interested in the things a camera does. Of course you know I love the pouch, and it's great seeing so many finishes this year.

Createology said...

Beautiful block and now a very beautiful functional pouch. Well done dear...<3

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Great finish! Such a pretty little bag and I love the house. I'm thinking that the 'blurred' lining picture would be amazing printed out on fabric for use in another project.

Sok Sareth said...

Awesome blog, i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!
Thank for your very good article...!


Renee said...

Thank you, Sok!