Tuesday, July 29, 2014

TAST 07/29/14

Well, I learned a lesson!  Next time I put a TAST post together the night before, I should make sure I use Tuesday's date.  (Last week, my title read 7/21/14 instead of 7/22/14.)  Oops!

This week I only have one stitch to share.

TAST 119: Woven Trellis Stitch

You may be able to tell, I began with the flower on the far left and improved my technique as I moved to the right.

In the future, I know to have my 3 straight stitches begin in the center close together, but not in the same hole.  The overlapped strands caused a few petals to look a bit twisted. 

Overall, I loved this stitch.  It took me a bit longer than I anticipated, but I had to be particularly careful not to catch fine strands of the rayon floss and also of the lace.  I look forward to trying it again with a different floss.  (You may see this seam in black very soon!)

This is a break week for TAST on Pin Tangle.  However, you can see what others have done this week by checking out the links in the comments HERE.


Pamela said...

Beautiful! I want to try this one soon.

Renee said...

Thank you! I plan to try this again tonight. It will be black-on-black. I hope to have all of the sections looking neat. :)