Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CQI Garden and Flowers DYB Round Robin - Flora's Block

A week ago, I received Flora's beautiful set of blocks for the Crazy Quilting International Garden and Flowers DYB Round Robin. 

I signed up as an "angel" for the round robin.  An angel steps in to help complete a block if life happens and someone in the round robin is unable to complete a block during the rotation of the round robin.  This was my first time signing up as an angel, and I admit, I was quite nervous about doing so.  After all, I have only been crazy quilting for about two years.  I am still quite a novice on so many levels.

This month, I was honored to be able to step in and help out by embellishing one of Flora's blocks.  Below are pictures of the blocks I received and was able to choose from.  Dana completed the first block in the round robin and it is absolutely gorgeous.  I struggle with printed fabrics, and she embellished them so well.  (You can see more of Dana's beautiful work at urbanfrog1.blogspot.com.)

Click on any photo for a larger view.

Dana's lovely work on Flora's Block

I was nervous about working on these blocks, because printed fabrics are not my strong point.  However, the blocks are all so incredibly pretty that I was also very excited to embellish one.  The hard part was choosing which one.  After a day of waffling between 3 different blocks, I opted for the block in the last photo above.  I know the pretty lady is looking at a little bird flying above her, but every time I looked at this block, I saw a tree branch along that seam and a bird flying above.

Dana did such a pretty job without making her block look too busy.  I am afraid my work looks busy. My bluebells and dragonfly wings show I am still a novice.  That being said, my work on this spring themed block is pictured below and I do hope Flora is pleased.

The bluebells, cyclamen, snail and forget-me-nots were all made following instructions in my book by Diana Lampe, Embroidery for all Seasons.  (I am not affiliated with the book.  However, if you purchase it through Amazon from my blog, I do receive a small credit.)

The butterfly above the birdhouse in the photo above is a 6mm Swararovski crystal bead.
I purchased several of these tulip beads a short time ago from crazyquiltingsupplies.com ( I am not affiliated with the website.)  With a spring theme, this block provided the perfect opportunity to use one.
I have wanted to make a dragonfly using one of these lovely red heart beads (Mill Hill Glass Treasures #12082) since I purchased them a year or so ago at Acorns and Threads.  (My wings need more practice.  I do hope Flora likes him anyway!)
I was hesitant to put my spider web on the upper-right section of the block, as that is where Dana put hers.  I almost added a tiny web beneath the tree and added a tiny spider lowering itself toward the birdhouse.  But, this white triangular patch of fabric just screamed for a web.  And, I do so love this spider from Marsha Michler's book, The Magic of Crazy Quilting: A Complete Resource for Embellishing Quilting. (Again, this is another favorite of my few crazy quilting books that I am not affiliated with, but do receive a small credit if you visit Amazon from my site to purchase it.)

The addition of pink roses felt like a necessity, with all of the pretty pink roses in the centerpiece.
Here is the completed block:
I discovered the lace I added to the upper-right-corner at the Button Emporium in Portland.  I look forward to using it again.

I do hope Flora is pleased with the block!  (I encourage you to check out her stunning work at Flora's Bee Crazy Quilter.)

Oh, a very dear friend thinks I should name the spider in my block.  Fluffy is the only thing that comes to mind - lol!  Any ideas?
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Gizmo the spider! Awesome work, as usual! You did an excellent job stepping in as an angel for these blocks. Your dragonfly is fabulous.

(I dont know why Gizmo, but that was the first name that popped into my head lol)

Renee said...

Thank you! Gizmo is great! Cole & I were brainstorming this morning and were leaning toward Shudder.

LoriF said...

Gosh, I don't know why you're hesitant, your work on the block is beautiful! That's the block I would have chosen as well, and I love your idea of putting the tree branch on the seam. :-)

Renee said...

Lori, thank you for the sweet compliment!