Monday, July 21, 2014

Random Act of Kindness Swap with Crazy Quilting for Newbies

Crazy Quilting for Newbies (CQforNewbies) is another Yahoo! group I joined some time ago.  I spent a couple of years mostly lurking in the shadows, reading the posts and enjoying the eye candy (pictures of crazy quilted blocks.)  It is a very fun, encouraging group. Every now and then, I began to participate in conversations.  This month, I decided to finally participate in a swap.

It is my understanding that there are two groups of 10 within this swap.  Each participant emailed their name, address, favorite color, favorite stash item, and favorite (small) item that they collect.  The idea of the swap is to send a small baggie of goodies to one of the participants of the swap (keeping it a secret until it is received.) The recipient of the package chooses another participant to send a goodie bag to.  This continues until everyone has mailed and received a package. Mailings are on the 15th and the 30th of each month (though they may be mailed earlier so it will not take the last person so long to receive their package.)

To be honest, I have a hard time with favorites - mine change all the time!  My responses were as follows, with a note to feel free to randomly select any one answer from each category if need be (as that would be my only way to choose only one - lol!)

Favorite color: pink OR blue OR silver
Favorite stash item: charms OR lace OR trims
Other items I collect: ? Nothing I can think of... I do love pumpkins and snowmen

The first mailings were sent out on July 15th.  Imagine my surprise to find a package from Lesa in my mailbox on Friday afternoon.  If I had not been packing for a weekend of camping, I would have shared this post within moments of emptying my mailbox!  Talk about Christmas in July!  It is amazing how much one can stuff into a small Ziploc baggie.

Here are my new treasures. 
CQ goodies from Lesa
 I cannot wait to work these treasures into my CQ blocks!

Snowman ornament and snowman button
I just adore snowmen. I love the ornament and the button!

Pumpkin bell and pumpkin buttons
Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  I think that is mostly due to fall being pumpkin season.  I do so love pumpkin! I am not generally a fan of the color orange, but orange pumpkins are a huge exception! Some of my favorite family photos were taken at the pumpkin patch with my kids.  And, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin waffles, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream (I will have to figure out how to make some dairy-free this year), and pretty much anything else made with pumpkin is a favorite. 

I also adore bells.  The first pumpkin in the picture above is a little bell with the sweetest little jingle.  I cannot wait to use it and these adorable buttons on a block!  (I may have to make myself a Halloween purse. Glow-in-the-dark threads and fabrics and these adorable Jack-o-Lanterns would be PERFECT!)

Needle book
Now, when I discovered this, I decided Lesa must be a mind reader.  At the moment, I keep my sewing needles in a little tomato pin cushion.  Some of the smaller needles push down into the cushion making them hard to find.  Other times, a thread catches and pulls needles out of the cushion.  (I do most of my stitching on our couch.  It is not the best place to lose a needle!)  For months, I have been telling myself I should take the time to make a needle book.  Now, I do not have to!  There are red felt pages within the book to hold my needles, and Lesa already added a few pins and needles for me.  And, although I do not drink soda, I have always loved Coca-Cola themed items. Perfect!
Sticky Note Booklet
This cute little booklet holds sticky notes.  I love it!

I do believe this is a fourth of linen handkerchief.  I have been planning to visit local antique shops to find a few hankies for crazy quilting.  Now, I have a beginning to that section of my stash.  (Sorry, I was too eager to share my treasures to take the time to iron.) I love the pattern.  I have a gift I plan to work on soon, and this beauty may make its way into that project.  We shall see!

I absolutely love each trim Lesa sent me.  I already have ideas for a few! This picture does not do them justice.

Lace is one thing I am slowly building in my stash.  I love this lace trim Lesa sent me!

Lesa, thank you so much! I absolutely love everything you sent me. :)

Now, I am off to work on the package I will be mailing out by the end of the month.  (Once it is received by its recipient, I will share the contents.)

Thanks for stopping by!


Maddie Can Fly said...

Yes, it is a linen hanky and yes, it looks MUCH better ironed! LOL
I'm so glad you enjoyed it all.

Renee said...

I have no doubt it will be gorgeous ironed. :) I did enjoy it all, and I will be sure to email you privately when I mail my package out to the next recipient!

Amy at love made my home said...

What lovely things! I am sure that you will choose great items for your recipient too. I have a magnetic pin cushion that I find is great for when I am sewing on the couch, it holds my needle and thread/yarn beautifully and stops those moments of wondering where it has run off to! xx

Renee said...

Thank you! I hope the recipient I have chosen likes the items I send. :) Your magnetic pin cushion sounds quite handy!