2014 Finishes

Projects completed in 2014

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Unknown said...

Love all your wonderful Projects. I want to make a purse with the metal frames but for some reason I don't feel confident that I will do it right and it will turn out ugly. I hate to try after spending so much time embellishing and have it ruined because I couldn't finish properly.

Renee said...

I was SO nervous about using a sew in purse frame. I still have a tricky time getting the top sides of the opening stitched properly. My seam ripper and I became very familiar with each other on the little key chain frame. Following the tutorial I found on Sweet Bee Buzzings was incredibly helpful. In my experience, the larger frames are easier - perhaps because those little v sections where the tops meet are a easier - with more room to maneuver. Aside from that one tricky section that I am still figuring out, I just love putting these together. (It only took me 2 years to gather the courage and give it a try.) Perhaps making one with a fabric you like before making one with all of your stitching would make it easier?