Friday, May 9, 2014

My First Change Purse with a Sew-Purse Frame

Change purse made using tutorial at Sweet Bee Buzzings.
Well, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and finally made something with a sew-in frame.

I have wanted to try using one since I discovered the beautiful glasses cases at Humming Needles.

A few months ago, I bought a small sew-in frame at JoAnn Fabrics and searched on-line for a tutorial.

Special thanks to Bethany at Sweet Bee Buzzings for sharing a tutorial, complete with a pattern to help newbies like myself!  (Click on the link above to go to the tutorial.)

In the 5th grade, I made a wonderful friend.  I think I spent almost as much time in her home growing up as I did in my own.  Over the years, we have been separated by distance.  However, our friendship is one of those magical ones where regardless of the number of months or years that may have passed, every time we meet up it as if we just saw each other yesterday.

This friend is also wonderful about mailing me a birthday card and a Christmas card every year.  Sending cards is not one of my strong points.  She is always in my thoughts, but I rarely get a card out into the mail. So, this year, I thought I would surprise her with a gift.  (She should be all the more surprised, as it is arriving quite late.)

I traced the change purse shape onto muslin and basted this creamy white fabric into place. Then I stitched on a monogram. (I traced the "J" in reverse onto the back of the muslin with a very light lead pencil, using a monogram from The Magic of Crazy Quilting: A Complete Resource for Embellished Quilting by Marsha Michler.)

After stitching the "J", I added vines and flowers - hoping they would be far enough from the edges.  (In the future, I will stitch the bottom section one-fourth to one-half inch higher.)
Front of change purse
At this point, my gift had missed its deadline.  So, I gave myself a week to gather my courage to follow the tutorial and make the change purse.  (It was not as hard as I had feared!  Silly me...)

Back of change purse
A peek inside the change purse.
After sewing the frame in following the instructions on the tutorial (although I used size 8 perle cotton because I did not have size 5 in the right color), I went through with another strand of perle cotton and a size 28 tapestry needle to stitch a bead over each of the holes in the frame.

Now, I am eager to attempt more projects with sew-in frames!  (A good thing, as I ordered a couple from that I am anxious to try out!  That is also where I picked up the size 8 pink perle cotton used to stitch the "J" above and the variegated pink used to sew in the frame, as well as the pink and green silk ribbon used on the "J".  Note: I am not affiliated with their website.)


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Tanya Rachelle said...

This is wonderful!!! I love it!!! What a blessed friend to receive this! Great gift idea and just beautiful.

Pamela said...

Very pretty! I'm sure she will love it. I want to try to make one of these.

Renee said...

Thank you!

Renee said...

Thank you! She was very pleased to receive it, which warmed my heart. :)

I would encourage anyone to make one. I had fun with it and will be making more in the future.

sewok said...

Don't you just love those frame? I used my first one on a knitted beaded change purse. I was a bit intimidated about sewing it in but, it was a piece of cake! Your purse is darling and I know your friend will love it. Great job. Phyllis

Wendy said...

it's beautiful! Well done for trying something new

Renee said...

I bet your knitted beaded change purse was lovely! Sewing in the frame was intimidating, but turned out much easier than I thought. My friend was very happy with it, thank you!

Renee said...

Thank you! It is always fun to see what happens when we dare to step outside of our comfort zone with something new.

Rita in Kansas said...

WOW ! stunning ,love the embroidery . really nice for your first one !

Kristie Watson said...

Love the beautiful embroidery! I have a friend like that too. She lives in California and we have know each other since she was 9 and I 10. Our birthdays are 4 days apart and we have spent many birthdays together.
hugs -Kristie

Renee said...

Thank you, Rita!

Renee said...

Friends like that are wonderful! Thank you for your sweet comment.

SuperMomNoCape said...

Oh my... this is beautiful. I'm sure she loved it and will treasure it always. I like the ribbon roses that you added to her initial. It's little touches like those and the beads on the frame that make a piece special.

Thanks so much for linking up to my Stitchery Link Party!

Sheryl S. said...

Beautiful stitching. Your friend is going to love this

Anonymous said...

I love that! It's so elegant and so feminine. I found this post because you put it on the stitchery linky. Thank you!