Thursday, February 1, 2018

February 2018

It is February! That means it is time for InCoWriMo! If you are interested in receiving a letter or card from me this month, let me know in a comment. (Please do not include your mailing address in your comment. I will contact you privately by email. If you are a no-reply blogger, you will need to leave your email address.)

January Goals: 6 of 8 goals fully accomplished.
1. 3 ATCs - Done! 
2. "Beach Boy Freddie" from the Sun, Sand, & Sea BOM - Done! 
3. UFO Goal - the tote was finished and donated! 
4. Page 19 on Twilight Duel was finished! 
5. January CQJP 2018 block - Done!
6. Mug rug for Christmas - Done! (And it washed beautifully!)
7. Exercised 6 of 31 days. (The goal was 14.)
8. Office is partly decluttered.

February Goals:
Write and mail a letter, card, or postcard every day in the month of February. (Learn more about InCoWriMo here.) I plan to share photos of my outgoing mail on my Instagram account throughout the month.

Crazy Quilting:
CQJP 2018 February Block

Complete "Making Waves" block from the Sun, Sand, & Sea BOM.

#9 was selected this month. "Red Barn" is #9 on my list.

Cross Stitch:
Finish page 7 of Fractal White Tiger.

Finish a mug rug to gift in December.

Work out 12 days.

Organize sewing room.

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Christine B. said...

Hi Renee! I love the idea of the InCoWriMo and would like to participate. Do you need to hand make the cards? I would love to exchange cards with you! Christine x

kathy said...

I would enjoy happy mail from you.

Katie said...

Good luck with your InCoWriMo. I will enjoy watching the things you make. Congrats on getting 6 of your 8 goals. Good luck with your Feb goals!! You can do it! said...

Love your goals. Doesn't real mail make you happy? Sending it and receiving.

Quiltsmiles said...

Sure, I’d could use some happy mail right now. Husband is hospitalized in Boston for cont heart issues so it would could be great to get some happy positive thoughts!

I also have a friend who’s also going through difficult times with their husbands health issues so if you need more I can help you out to spread some sunshine. One particularly loves snail mail and I’m sure would be writing back in no time.


Createology said...

You have really met your January Goals quite well. I love that you recap each month and that way you can see your progress. Snail mail is something so doable and truly helps others smile and feel connected. I participate in several weekly Random Acts of Kindness mailings. <3

Anonymous said...

Sure, I'd love to have a message from you in the mail! I might even return the favor. =) You did a great job in January with your goals. The February ones look very doable, too.

Shell - Little Orphan Stitch said...

(Let's see if we can get this to work this time)

I would love to participate with you on this! I love getting actual mail that means something, instead of just junk papers and credit card applications. :)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your January goal list looks pretty much done - good for you! I finished my one project (the butterfly) - altho' technically I guess I didn't get it done until the first of February.