Wednesday, February 7, 2018

TAST Weeks 5-6

This post is a day later than I intended, but for fun reasons. :) The time I scheduled to blog last night was spent planning a vacation later this year with dear friends. 2018 has a lot of big milestones for our family and this trip will celebrate one of them.

Week 5: Herringbone Stitch

Inspired by the work of Annie Bowers on the Facebook TAST Group, I used the herringbone stitch as a filler on my tree. It was a fun idea that I would not have come up with myself.

The outline of the tree was added to my Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2018 February block with a stem stitch, but I did not like all of the open space. This was a great solution!

Week 6: Chain Stitch

This arched seam was created with size 12 black perle cotton and chain stitches.

First, I traced the arches from one of Sharon B.'s crazy quilt templates. (Regular readers may recall I received them in exchange for an honest review. I still love using them!)

Next, I whipped the chain stitch with a variegated pink size 8 perle cotton. 

Working with these stitches was so much fun, I kept playing!

Using another stencil, I marked the foundation fabric on the back of the block. 

I used these dots as guides to create another herringbone stitched seam.

On one side of the herringbone stitched seam, I added small bullion knots. Small fly stitches were placed beneath each bullion. These were all made with size 8 variegated pink perle cotton. Blue seed beads were added to the other side of the seam.

For the motif, I used another stencil from Sharon B. to trace a stem with 2 leaves.

Using size 8 green perle cotton, I chain stitched the stem.

Next, I whipped the chain stitches and couched the same thread around the shapes of the leaves. Herringbone stitches filled them in.

A pink lace flower that I purchased from Raviolee Dreams a couple of years ago inspired me to create the stem and leaves. I couched it onto the block with a matching strand of pink floss and filled the center with blue seed beads.

Thank you for stopping by!

TAST stands for Take a Stitch Tuesday. It is a personal challenge to learn a new embroidery stitch every week.

You may learn more about TAST here and find the Facebook group here.

CQJP stands for Crazy Quilt Journal Project. This is a personal challenge to complete a crazy quilt block each month that is at least 8-inches square. You may learn more about CQJP 2018 and see the beautiful blocks other participants have created here.


Queeniepatch said...

Every section of the embellishment is so well though through. leaves, whipped stitches and that clever way of making bark on the tree!

Katie said...

More great stitches!

Shell - Little Orphan Stitch said...

I love your seam treatments :) And what a great idea for filling in on the tree! I wouldn't have thought of that either!

Createology said...

Your TAST stitches really add to your many seam treatments. I really should spend time practicing stitches. Happy Valentine’s Dear...xo

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's always great fun to see your interpretation of the various TAST stitches. I agree that herringbone is perfect for a tree, and I would hate to be without Sharon's stencils...or waste canvas either!