Saturday, February 10, 2018

Embellished CQJP 2018 February Block

My 2nd CQJP 2018 block is now complete! The theme for my CQJP 2018 project is "My Favorite Things" and I love trees, flowers, butterflies, birds, hearts and snailmail.

Click on any photo for a larger image. 

A snail was added by couching size 5 variegated brown perle cotton in a circle. Size 8 brown perle cotton straight stitches created the snail's body.

My attempts to embroider a mailbox this small did not work out, so I drew one on the block with a black Micron pen, colored it in with a crayon and heat set the pigments.

Next, size 8 yellow perle cotton created a yellow butterfly with detached chain stitches and a straight stitch. Running stitches created a flight path. 

Size 5 variegated blue and purple perle cotton and detached chain stitches were used to make a flower border around the heart. Size 8 pink perle cotton French knots were added to the center of each flower.

Size 8 green perle cotton stem stitches created flower stems around the base of the tree. Small detached chain stitches were added to create leaves. Tiny straight stitches filled each leaf. 

Size 8 variegated pink perle cotton straight stitches creaed flower petals.

A detached chain stitch, 2 tiny straight stitches, and a French knot made with 2 strands of blue embroidery floss created the body of a bird. A tiny straight stitch with a strand of light orange floss made the beak.

Straight stitches with 2 strands of floss (one light and one medium brown) made the nest.

Running stitches created with silver metallic thread made a snail trail.

To keep these flowers subtle, I used a single strand of light green floss. The flower stems and leaves were made with a fly stitch and a straight stitch. The flower petals were made with 2 strands of a light variegated yellow and pink floss. A French knot was placed on the tip of each stem. And a tiny fly stitch was added just beneath the knot.

This completed block 2.

Thank you so much for visiting!

CQJP stands for Crazy Quilt Journal Project. It is a challenge to complete a crazy quilt block each month that is at least 8-inches square in size. You may learn more about it and see blocks others have created for CQJP 2018 here.

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Queeniepatch said...

The floral border is perfectly framing this charming scene.
I love snail mail too, but these days the snails at the post office are certainly crawling along slowly! A month for airmail from the US, two weeks for airmail between Japan and Korea, five weeks for a postcard from Spain.... said...

Pretty blocks. Love the flower border. Reminds me of Pansies, which is the flower for the month of February.

Createology said...

Renee your finished Heart CQ block is wonderful. I adore how you put each element you love on this block. Each detail is precious! Happy Valentine’s Dear...xo

Anthea said...

Well isn't that little snail so darn cute?! Off to see if the postman has delivered anything for him... I love your work Renee!

Katie said...

Too cute! Love the adorable snail. Yet another wonderful finish. Great job!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love the heart in the butterfly flight path! And the wee snail going to get his mail - so cute!