Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 2017

Can you believe we are almost midway through 2017 already?

Looking back at my Goals for May, I completed the following:

#6 on my list - I completed a wall quilt using the last 3 blocks from my Crazy Quilting International Under the Sea Round Robin. This was #11 on my APQ 2017 UFO Challenge, which was the April project. You may read more about it and see more photos here.

#8 on my list - I completed blocks 1, 3 & 4 from the Sun, Sand, and Sea BOM hosted by Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy. You may read about them here and here.

Here is my updated list for the APQ UFO Challenge.

Even if I do not finish them all, this challenge has encouraged 3 finishes so far.

June is going to be another really busy month, especially the first two weeks. However, I hope to make even more progress. We'll see... I do not plan to finish all of the projects below, but do hope to shorten the list!

June Goals:

1. Complete 4 projects for my Etsy Shop. 3 of these are ready to sew.

2. Finish gifts for my friend's daughter.

3. Embellish March CQJP 2017 block and sew it into a tote bag.

4. Piece CQJP 2017 blocks for April, May, and June.

5. Spend 10 minutes a day adding snowflakes to my Winter/Christmas wall quilt. This was #8 on my APQ 2017 UFO Challenge, which was the project selected for February. You may read more about these blocks here.

6. Finish embellishing this block from the CQI Hearts Round Robin I participated in back in 2014. You may read more about these blocks here. This was #2 on my APQ 2017 UFO Challenge, which was the project for May.

7. The June project for the APQ 2017 UFO Challenge is #10, which is embellishing this block and making a Christmas stocking for my son.

8. Finish block 5 for the Sun, Sand, and Sea BOM. It is another fun one! You can find the post about it here and the pattern here.

9. Finish the projects I planned for Mother's Day so they will be finished for Christmas.

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Queeniepatch said...

Your lists are not only impressively long, you actually manage to tick off a lot on them, too! Good luck with your set goals.

Anonymous said...

The last one made me smile. You are making a lot of progress on that list, and that's great! The year does seem to be flying by in some ways.

Createology said...

You amaze me! I couldn't even keep track of sew many wonderful projects...let alone work on them and finish them. Your projects are very impressive and I truly enjoy following your progress. I learn a lot from all that you share. Lovely Weekend Dear...<3

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I didn't laugh at #9, no I wouldn't do that. Took a peek at the new Sun Sand & Sea block - another cute one for sure.

crazyQstitcher said...

Not just a huge list of ongoing projects but each is a delight to watch grow. Your love of the work is evident.