Sunday, January 11, 2015

3rd Annual Grow Your Blog Party at 2 Bags Full on January 25th

Vicki at 2 Bags Full is hosting her 3rd annual Grow Your Blog Party.

This year, the blogs participating will also include a list of up to 3 crafts or hobbies that each blog is primarily associated with, so readers can more easily find blogs that meet their interests.

What is a Grow Your Blog Party?

Everyone participating in this event will make a post on their blog on January 25th that introduces themselves and shares their interests, crafts, or hobbies.

Why participate?

This is a great way to increase the number of people following your blog.
This is a great way to discover new blogs that spark your interest and inspire you.

How do I participate and/or what do I have to do?

To learn more about the 2015 Grow Your Blog Party, hop on over to 2 Bags Full sign-up post (just click HERE) and read all about it.  
If you decide you want to participate, leave a comment on the sign-up post including all of the information Vicki requested for the big day. 

When is the last day to sign-up?

January 17th is the sign-up deadline.

What if I missed the sign-up deadline?

If you did not sign-up, you may still join in the fun!  
Just mark your calendar for January 25th and visit Vicki's blog, 2 Bags Full - just click HERE
Visit the blogs and leave a comment.  Last year, some people that missed the deadline left a link to their own blog in the comments of the blogs they visited.  That allowed the blog owner to check out the reader's blog.  
Personally, if someone took the time to comment, I clicked on their profile name and if the person that left a comment had a blog, I visited it before continuing down the list Vicki so kindly provided on the day of the Blog Party.

Will there be giveaways?

Participating bloggers may chose to offer a giveaway or not.  It is my understanding that last year roughly half of the blogs had a giveaway. The blogs that do offer giveaways this year will be announcing the winners on February 15th.

What are my thoughts from last year?

This event was a wonderful way to get to know more members of the blogging community. 
Last year, I discovered a couple of very inspiring blogs.  Through those blogs, I discovered more fun events in the blogging world.
I also discovered at least 3 blogs working on gorgeous, massive cross-stitching projects.  That is how I discovered Heaven and Earth Designs and was able to begin working on the Santa and the Mouse Freebie Ornament Chart provided on their site. 
I wonder what wonderful things I will discover this year...

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