Saturday, July 1, 2017

July 2017

We are already halfway through 2017. Can you believe it?! 

Looking back at the projects I hoped to work on in June (found here), I completed the following:

#1 I finished 1 of the projects for my Etsy shop. Photos will be shared soon.

#6 on my list was to finish embellishing the "E" block from the Crazy Quilting International Hearts Round Robin I participated in back in 2014 and to sew the blocks into a wall quilt. The embellishment is complete! You may see more about the embellished "E" block here.

#7 I did make progress on the crazy quilted Christmas stocking I am making for my son. You may read more details here.

#8 was to finish Block 5 for the Sun, Sand, and Sea BOM through Sew Incredibly Crazy and Friends. I pieced the block and ironed the applique into place, but still have a fair amount of hand stitching to do. 

Here is my updated list for the APQ UFO Challenge. (My original post about the challenge is here.)

Thanks to this challenge, I have 3 finishes and have made progress on 3 others.

There are a lot of chores and big projects we are hoping to finish around the house this month, so I do hope my crafty time will be productive!

July Goals:

1. Complete 2 projects for my Etsy shop. Sewing this under-the-sea block into an eye glasses case will be one of those projects. 

2. Finish gifts for my friend's daughter.

3. Sew the 6 blocks from my CQI Hearts Round Robin into a wall hanging. (This was #2 on my APQ UFO Challenge list and was selected for May.)

4. Finish embellishing the stocking I am making for my eldest son. (This was #10 on my APQ UFO Challenge list and was selected for June. Current progress may be seen above.)

5. Finish my CQJP 2013 January block into a finished project. (This is #1 on my AQP UFO Challenge list and was selected for July. Please note: the house was stitched from the Stoney Creek Country Living Collection "Cozy Winter Twilight" chart. You may read more about this block here. )

6. Finish Block 5 of the Sun, Sand, and Sea BOM through Sew Incredibly Crazy and Friends. (Progress seen above.)

7. Finish Block 6 of the Sun, Sand, and Sea BOM through Sew Incredibly Crazy and Friends. Block 6 is actually a border for Block 5 that was designed by Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks. You may see it here.

8. I am participating with The Stitching Hour 2017 on Instagram. It is a personal Challenge inspired by AmbitiousStitches to stitch 1 hour a day from June 1st through August 1st. If you are interested in following my progress, it will be shared here.

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Brigitte said...

It seems June was a busy and productive month for you. Good luck for your July goals.

Queeniepatch said...

I marvel at how you keep track of all your projects.
The beach scene is fantastic, and I'm sure the eye glasses case will be sell instantly!

Catherine said...

You've had a productive month! What a great way to get few a few things each month. said...

You always have to much going on and get so much done.

Createology said...

The days and months are going far too quickly. Your goals are wonderful and you are very smart to review each month. Happy and Safe Fourth of July...<3

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I always love reading your progress/goal posts. Makes me want to be way more productive myself!

Anonymous said...

Lots of progress! Will your list hold out through December? Looks like it's getting pretty short! I look forward to your August report.

Renee said...

Thank you, Catherine!