Tuesday, July 18, 2017

TAST Stitch 68

TAST Stitch 68 was the Woven Zig Zag Chain Stitch. Looking at the stitch, I could picture a seam of holly leaves.

I thought using waste canvas would help keep my stitches even.

It appeared to be working. 

Unfortunately, I failed to line the dark blue line of the canvas up with the seam, as I thought I had done. Removing the waste canvas revealed the zig zag chain stitch above.

So, I pulled the stitches out and tried again, just eyeballing the distance between stitches.

Size 8 green perle cotton was used to create the woven zig zag chain stitch above.

Clusters of 3 red seed beads created holly berries.

TAST stands for Take a Stitch Tuesday. It is a personal stitching challenge offered by Sharon B. at Pintangle.com. You may read more about TAST here and find the Facebook group here.

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Pamela said...

I really like this stitch. I always just eyeball it. It isn't exactly right, but near enough. The holly berries are a good addition to the stitch.

Catherine said...

A lovely stitch, and a great way to decorate the seam. I love you colours too!

Anonymous said...

The combination looks great, and the woven stitch over the chain was a great idea. I guess there are more things to think about with waste canvas than I expected. Thanks for the warning! And the closer look at the seam.

Brigitte said...

Oh, I like this one with the red beads.

Pull the other thread said...

Love it! Really looks like a string of Holly.

Queeniepatch said...

Christmas is coming!
Yes, this stitch does look like holly, and with the beads you have the real thing.
Waste canvas can be a great help, but sometimes I find it too bothersome. Here the zig-zag does not need to be P E R F E C T so eyeballing it is absolutely OK.

Createology said...

Adding the lovely red "Holly Berries" is brilliant and adds another dimension to this stitch. Your work is so precise and even. Summer Smiles...<3

crazyQstitcher said...

Seeing your 3 photos of the stitch, I believe your eye-balled version is neater and fuller. The Waste canvas seems to leave the stitch looser.
I like the Christmas look.

Renee said...

Thank you, Catherine!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Great interpretation of the stitch!