Tuesday, February 14, 2017

TAST Stitches 40 and 41

This week, I began a TAST Sampler. Ordinarily, I try to work the weekly TAST stitches onto current projects. There have been several stitches I skipped because I was not sure how they would fit in with my current work. 

You may click on any photo for a larger image.

TAST Stitch 40: Shell Chain Stitch

Using a strand of size 8 Anchor #1563 perle cotton, I worked the shell chain stitch from. Using the same color, I worked the beaded shell chain stitch (As recommended in the tutorial, I used a size 26 tapestry needle so the size 10/0 Czech glass seed beads would fit over the eye.) 

I first worked this stitch onto an under-the-sea block in 2014, as seen in this post (it was stitch 97 in that round of TAST.)

In 2014, the beaded shell chain stitch was added to a block from the Winter/Christmas round robin I participated in. You may see the seam here and the completed block here.

TAST Stitch 41: Eastern Stitch

I have always loved the example Sharon B. shares of this stitch worked on blue fabric and featured at the top of the tutorial. (Click the title of the stitch to go to the tutorial.)

This was my first time working this stitch and it took me a while to get into a rhthym, but I really enjoyed it. Using a strand of size 5 DMC #4250 perle cotton, I worked 2 sets of four Eastern stitches with a French knot between them.

TAST stands for Take A Stitch Tuesday, a personal challenge offered by Sharon B. of Pintangle.com. You may read more about it here and find the TAST Facebook Group here.

To celebrate her 10th year offering TAST, Sharon is sharing a series of interviews with TAST participants. I was honored to be asked to participate. I know several of you have already seen this interview on Pintangle. Thank you for the sweet comments. I can honestly say, I never imagined my work would be featured on my "go to" embroidery blog. Sharon never ceases to amaze me with the generosity of her time sharing the art of embroidery.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


Queeniepatch said...

A sampler is very rewarding and if, like you have done, the names of the stitches are added, extremely useful for future reference. Not a bad thing if the sampler is as attractive as yours is, as well!

Christine B said...

Beautiful examples of the stitches Renee! I love the thread you have used for them. Christine x

Brigitte said...

A TAST sampler, a really gorgeous idea.

Anonymous said...

Working on Aida cloth is definitely more precise than wove fabric, and the stitches look lovely. Very pretty thread, too. This will make a great reference in the future.

Katie said...

They both look great!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

ooooh - sparkles!!! Not that I ever notice such things, of course. Two more fun stitch experiments Renee.