Saturday, February 18, 2017

CQJP 2017 January Block Motifs 1 - 3

The 1st motif completed on my January Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP) block was the central heart applique. 

This seam was inspired by a heart my friend, Cathy, created in Crazy Quilting International round robin in 2009.

First, I made a lattice grid (as described in the first part of this tutorial) with a strand of size 5 DMC #B5200 perle cotton. Tiny cross stitches made with a strand of EdMar Glory #083 rayon floss couched down the intersecting sections of the grid. 

I wanted to cover the raw edges of the applique, so white pearl beads were then stitched around the heart. I sewed and secured each bead individually. To help keep the beads lined up, after stitching the 3rd bead, I brought the thread up behind the first bead and threaded it through all 3 beads and secured the thread behind the fabric. I added 2 more beads individually and then secured the next set of 3 and repeated the process.

The beaded shell chain stitch framed this central area. The seams were worked using small strips of waste canvas, size 5 DMC #B5200 perle cotton, a size 26 tapestry needle and clear white and clear pink size 10/0 Czech seed beads.

The camera could not quite capture the sparkle the beads added. They are lovely playing in the light.

The 2nd motif was a spider web. This was worked with size 12 DMC #B5200 perle cotton. I made 5 long straight stitches beginning in the upper-left-hand corner and extending to nearby seams. 

Then, I wove 4 lines of the same floss over and under to create the spider's web. (If my plans for the block were going to be functional - like a purse, rather than for a wall hanging, I would stem stitched the web.)

A small straight stitch of the same thread created the piece of web for the spider to dangle from. Then a single strand of DMC white floss was used to attach a large pearl bead for the body and a small pearl bead for the head of the spider. The same strand of floss was used to make the legs. 

For the 3rd motif, I simply tacked on a small ribbon flower I had in my stash, using a strand of white DMC floss.

CQJP is a personal challenge to create a crazy quilt block every month in 2017. You may learn more about the challenge here and see the work of others here.

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Photos of each seam and motif may be found on this Pinterest board.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm loving everything you stitched here. I'm pretty sure when I get back to CQ I'm going to predesign my blocks. There is definitely an advantage to knowing what you will be stitching. I love how you anchored the spider web!
xx, Carol

Createology said...

You really put a lot of time and thought into your seam treatments and it all makes your blocks spectacular. Happy Lattice Heart! <3

Christine Barnsley said...

Your motifs are fabulous Renee! This is going to be a fantastic block! Christine x

Queeniepatch said...

A good crazy quilt should have a spiders web. I have a friend who adds a web, and the spider, to ALL her quilts, cq or not. She has won a lot of awards so it seems to work!
Your blog is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and gorgeous. I always like seeing your explanations of the how and what, too. Thank you for the inspiration of that heart. Interestingly, that's how I sew on bead borders on the rare occasions that I do them. Simple logic, I guess! The beaded shell chain was a new one to me, though.

Katie said...

Looks gorgeous!!

Brigitte said...

Very beautiful, that heart. And although I don't love spiders I think your spider's web looks gorgeous.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your heart looks like icing! So pretty.