Monday, April 30, 2018

Twilight Duel Update #27

Hello! I am afraid I have not been very active with any social media the past couple of months. Life has been good and it has been very busy. I hope to get back to blogging regularly soon. I really miss all of you blogging buddies!

This month I did manage to add 2,535 stitches to the Heaven and Earth Designs "Twilight Duel" cross-stitch project I am making for my youngest son.

I love this piece of art by Ruth Thompson!

Although I am primarily working on page 15 (where the white dragon's wing is emerging on the right), when I finish a 10x10 grid on the chart, I add one strand of floss to page 3 (the blank spot beneath the bit of the black dragon's wing on the left) - as several of you noticed last month.

My son is eager to see the dragon's full face, so I also added a strand of floss to the dragon's head when a 10x10 grid of page 15 was completed. (Some of those only required 1 or 2 stitches, so the progress is not easily seen.)

Percent Complete:
Project:          38.27% (It was 36.55%)
Pages 1-2:   100%
Page 3:          40.84% (It was 37.16%)
Page 4:        100%
Page 5:            1.83%
Page 6:            0%
Pages 7-8:   100%
Page 9:            5.06% (It was 2.98%)
Page 10:          0.25%
Pages 11-12:   0%
Page 13:     100%
Page 14:       53.34% (It was 26.23%)
Page 15:         2.93% (It was 1.26%)
Pages 16-18:  0%
Page 19:     100%
Page 20:         3.72%
Pages 21-24:  0%

Thank you for visiting!


Justine said...

Nice to see you back and glad that life is good! Lovely progress on your son's gift.

Anonymous said...

Good to know it isn't disaster keeping you away! I'm like your son, wanting to see the faces, wanting to see the whole thing finished. It's such a pretty design!

Queeniepatch said...

I am sure your son wants to see the face, but do you? Isn't it nice to save the most interesting part to the end? You have achieved an amazing 38% of this design, Bravo!

Katie said...

I was just thinking of sending you an email. I wondering if everything was okay. I know sometimes we all take breaks though but I missed you. Glad to hear everything is okay. Plus you've made gorgeous progress!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's looking great! I'm with your son in being anxious to see the face completed.