Tuesday, April 3, 2018

TAST Weeks 9-11

Week 9: Couching Stitch

Couching is one of my favorite methods for creating spider webs.

I couched 5 spokes of size 5 white perle cotton down with a single strand of white embroidery floss. 

Then I wrapped a strand of the pearl cotton around each of the spokes to create the web.

Since this project will become a bag I plan to use, I also tacked each "wrap" around each spoke with a small couching stitch. to hold the web in place. 

Week 10: Cretan Stitch

I have seen such beautiful crazy quilt seams created with the Cretan Stitch. This seam was inspired by the work of my friend, Christine, of Patchwork Allsorts. (The inspirational seam may be seen here - it is the 6th photo.) 

The cretan stitch was embroidered with pink size 12 perle cotton. Pairs of detached chain stitches with green size 8 perle cotton created leaves.

Beads created flowers, completing the seam. The seam is different from Christine's, but her work gave me the idea.

Week 11 was a break from TAST, allowing participants to catch up, if needed.

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TAST stands for Take a Stitch Tuesday. It is a personal challenge to learn a new embroidery stitch each week. The challenge is hosted by Sharon B. of Pintangle. This year the Beyond TAST challenge is available to those that have completed TAST in the past. You may learn more about TAST and Beyond TAST here. There is a Facebook Group here. (The work shared is incredibly inspirational.)

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Katie said...

Love the look of both of these.

Gina said...

Beautiful work as always xx

Createology said...

Renee I love your CQ stitches. This bag will be stunning. Spring is near.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful seam. I rarely use the Cretan stitch, as I don't really like it, but your seam looks wonderful, and I may have to use it this week. =)

Catherine said...

Beautiful work as always! I love your spider webs, and your somewhat perfect couching!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wonderful stitching Renee!

Renee said...

Thank you so much, Catherine!