Tuesday, January 9, 2018

TAST 2018 Weeks 1-2

Week 1: Running Stitch

The first stitch introduced through the new round of Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) was the running stitch.

I worked the stitch as a flight path for a butterfly on the crazy quilted messenger bag I am making.

And, I used it to couch down a ribbon.

Week 2: Buttonhole Stitch

I woke up at 4:30 this morning and could not get back to sleep, so I checked my emails and learned the buttonhole stitch was introduced for TAST. Then, I picked up a quilt block to finish securing the applique and pondered how I should use the stitch this week. I think it took me 5 minutes to realize I was sewing the applique onto the block with the buttonhole stitch. (I blame it on not finishing my first cup of coffee!) 

I frequently use this stitch to create flower stems.

Today, I added this seam to my messenger bag. It includes a buttonhole stitch with detached chain stitched leaves and French knot flowers.

I also enjoy using the stitch to create fences in landscape crazy quilt blocks. Straight stitches make boards connecting the fence posts.

Thank you for visiting!

TAST stands for Take a Stitch Tuesday. It is a personal challenge offered by Sharon Boggon at Pintangle.com to learn a new stitch each week. Learn more here.

This year there is also Beyond TAST for those that have completed TAST in the past or those familiar with the basic embroidery stitches. Those participating in Beyond TAST are encouraged to explore the stitches in more depth. Some of the work already shared on the TAST Facebook group has been incredible.


Sandra said...

Lovely work per usual.

I am hoping to start TAST soon. Was able to do a tiny bit of stitching yesterday.

Katie said...

Great stitches. Kinda funny that you were using it without knowing you were using it haha.

Createology said...

I am always intrigued with how you use simple stitches to make such intricate seam treatments. Fun, fun, fun! <3

Susan said...

As I predicted, I totally stole the butterfly and running stitch path for my first CQJP seam, too. =) I think I am not stealing your buttonhole flowers ... this time. LOL You are so organized and great at rotating through your projects!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Both buttonhole and running stitches are so versatile and we do end up using them a lot, and sometimes without being conscious of it. I like the fence!

Queeniepatch said...

The perfect usage for the two first TAST stitches!