Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January CQJP 2018 - 2 Basic Seams

CQJP 2018 January Block Seam 1
The first seam was embellished with black size 8 perle cotton and a Chevron Stitch.
This seam will be built up with more embellishment later.

To keep my stitches even, I placed one of Sharon B.'s Crazy Quilting Templates (from Set 1) along the seamline and used a pencil to lightly mark the upper-most and lowest points.

CQJP 2018 January Block Seam 2
Using the same perle cotton, the second seam was embellished with a feather stitch. More embellishement will be added to this seam after I cover the applique edges of the heart with stitching.

Thank you for visiting!

CQJP 2018 = Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2018. It is a challenge to embellish one crazy quilt block a month. Find the CQJP blog here.

I recieved my CQ Stencils from Sharon B. in return for an honest review. I really enjoy using these stencils and look forward to creating more with them this year!


Katie said...

Looking great already. said...

Looking very pretty.

Createology said...

This will be fun to follow your monthly block progress. Love the black thread seam treatments you are creating. CQ Creative Bliss...<3

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Another fan of Sharon's stencils here - don't know what I would do without them!

Christine B. said...

Beautiful stitching Renee! I love the fabric colours you have chosen too! Happy New Year to you! Christine xx

Queeniepatch said...

I see Sharon's templates have come out to play! Looking forward to following your 'crazy' adventures.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty beginning! Your stitching on the feather is very well-spaced, too.

Kathy L Billings said...

I love your heart block, beautiful stitching!

Renee said...

Thank you so much, Kathy!