Monday, December 8, 2014

My Winter/Snowman Themed "Snowball" Collection

2013-2014 Winter/Snowman Themed "Snowball" Collection
I am sitting here, grinning from ear-to-ear, eager to share my lovely collection of snowballs with you all!  I am so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful, diverse collection of winter and snowmen.  This time next year, all of these beauties will be assembled into a wall quilt and adorning my home.  We do not get a lot of snow where I live (maybe up to 3 days of snow every few years), so it will be fun to enjoy snowmen all winter long without worrying about driving in snow or freezing pipes.

Generally, I do not like to brag.  Sometimes, you just have to make an exception.  Just look at how talented the ladies are that were so sweet to swap these little treasures with me!

This post is focused on all of the beautiful snowballs I have received, so I did not include photos of the ones I created to swap for them.  (However, I did add links to those posts, just in case you were curious.) Click on any picture for a larger view.

CQI "Snowball" from Nicki Lee received in June of 2013

1. This collection began to grow in June of 2013 with the fun winter flurry pictured above from Nicki Lee in MA.  The snowman was an earring!  And that winter flower still takes my breath away.  (I sent this under-the-sea themed snowball in return.  I can still remember how nervous I was about this first swap.  I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone.)

CQI "Snowball" received from Donna A. in June of 2013
2. Later that June, I received this wonderful snowball from Donna A. in MT.  I absolutely adore the little charm with the snowman on a sled!  The snowy trim makes a marvelous snowy path for his sledding adventures.  (In exchange, I created this pond-themed snowball for Donna. I can remember how excited I was that the cattails and dragonfly actually turned out.)

CQI "Snowball" received from Rita in KS in October of 2013

3. In October, I received this wonderful beaded snowman snowball from Rita in KS.  I fell in love with the snowman, the lace, and the amazing snowflakes.  (In exchange, I created my first hexagon-shaped crazy quilt block.  Rita was SO patient with all of my questions about the size. I was clueless!)

CQI "Snowball" received from Rita in KS in July of 2014

4. In July of 2014, Rita kindly swapped with me again. I just loved the snowman, the "Let It Snow" beads, and her use of lace and a doily.  (In return, I sent another cream/pink/green hexagon-shaped snowball to Rita.)

CQI "Snowball" received from Kristie W. in IN during September of 2014.

5. This breezy, winter-flurry snowball made by Kristie W. in Indiana arrived in September of 2014.  The photo did not capture just how adorable the little snowman is.  The swirl of snowflakes blowing around the snowman just stole my heart. (In exchange, I sent Kristie a pink and brown themed snowball.)

CQI "Snowball" received from Kathy S. in MD in October of 2014

6. In October, I received this wonderful snowball from Kathy S. in MD. (We have several Kathy's in CQI.  Kathy S. in MD is also known on-line as Clothqueen.)  I just love the feather stitches with the silver beads, the darling silver snowflakes, and the fabrics Kathy chose are absolutely wonderful!  (In return, I made this African-themed snowball for Kathy. I learned cross-stitching with 2 strands of floss over one thread of 32-count linen is a BAD idea.  And, the tree was oh-so-much fun!  I am so glad Kathy's theme pushed me out of my comfort zone!)

CQI "Snowball" received from Donna A. in MT in October of 2014
7. Later in October, I received a second snowball from Donna A. in MT.  I fell in love with the snowman fabric.  All of the embellishments are fabulous - the "O" in snow, the tree and ornament the snowman in the print is holding, the snowflakes and all of the little trees are just perfect!  (In return, I sent Donna a winter themed snowball.  This was my first attempt using water-color pencils on fabric and it was so much fun!)

CQI "Snowball" received from Lori F. in Ontario in October of 2014
8. The third snowball I received in October of 2014 was this beauty from Lori F. in Ontario. The idea of stitching a snowman's face onto a section of white fabric never occurred to me and I was absolutely charmed by this adorable treasure. (In return, I created a winter-themed snowball for Lori and I was thrilled with how well the little tree turned out.)

CQI "Snowball" received from Nicki Lee in MT in November of 2014

9. In November of 2014, this wonderful winter block from Nicki Lee in MA arrived.  The stitching, the star and the fun trim are all delightful.  I just love the way Nicki Lee used lace and beads to create a snowy landscape for the darling deer and tree! (In return, I created another under-the-sea themed snowball for Nicki Lee.  I used crayons on fabric, which was loads of fun, but I still think I was more nervous about making this mermaid than I was when I created my first snowball!)

CQI "Snowball" received from Lynne F. in MA in November of 2014
10.  The final snowball in my collection, created by Lynne F. in MA, arrived just before Thanksgiving in November of 2014. I fell in love with the snowman print - such a lovely winter scene!  I love the way it was framed and how the embellishments let the center shine.  (In return, I created a silver/white/blue winter-themed snowball for Lynne.  The wintery tree was so much fun!)

These snowballs will be assembled into a wall quilt that will pass through the generations in my family.  Each and every one is a true treasure.  However, I gained far more than 10 snowballs through these swaps.   I have made wonderful friendships with very talented ladies, and their themes have pushed me outside of my comfort zone, which allowed me to see what can be accomplished with a bit of faith and perseverance.

Nicki Lee, Donna, Rita, Kristie, Kathy, Lori, and Lynne, I cannot thank you enough for these wonderful treasures! I love them all!



NickiLee said...

What a fabulous collection! They will certainly make for a beautiful wall hanging to treasure. It was a pleasure to swap with you and I look forward to doing it again.... besides we need to swap again because I already have an envelope addressed to you (wrote out 2 the last time by mistake LOL!)

Renee said...

Nicki Lee, LOL! No mistake there, just advance preparation! :) I love my snowballs and would be thrilled to swap again in 2015. Thank you so much! I cannot thank you enough for all of your patient answers to the many questions I had about the snowball swaps and for being the first to swap with me. Hugs, Renee

KimM said...

These are so delightful - love the idea - and what creativity and talent!!

Renee said...

Thank you, Kim! I feel so fortunate. There is so much creativity and diversity in these snowballs! I love seeing so many interpretations of winter.

Linda Hazekamp said...


Rita in Kansas said...

Your work is awesome, love the snowballs you did for me, these will make a sweet little wall hanging !

crazyQstitcher said...

How delightful each of the snowballs are. As a wall quilt they will be a joy to see.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You have a wonderful collection and, in my opinion, the best kind of snowballs! I'm not a 'winter person' and hate snow, so these are perfect.

Renee said...

Thank you! They are all so lovely!

Renee said...

Embroidered snow is my favorite snow! :)

Queeniepatch said...

There is so many details to enjoy in each of the snowballs. You will have a great time assembling them into a wall hanging for next winter.

janie krig said...

Variations on a theme, lovely.

Renee said...

Thank you, Queenie! In January, I plan to finish up my Winter/Christmas Wall Quilt. Then I will need to decide if my next WIP will be my beautiful heart blocks or these wonderful snowballs. Decisions, decisions!

Renee said...

Janie, I am always in wonder at the variety of ideas we can each picture and create, given a specific theme. These ladies all had wonderfully unique interpretations. It is so fun to see them all together!