Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Snowball for Donna!

A snowball for Donna in Montana

This is for my third snowball swap; this one is with Donna in Montana.  One of the themes she mentioned she liked was a pond with cattails and critters.

Swan pattern from DMC Collection: Mini Motif Designs by Mary Bartley Stockett
 I have seen swans living near lakes.  I decided this one liked ponds.

A few lazy daisy stitches using green and pink 4mm silk ribbons was all it took to make a few lily pads.

Directions to make this snail were found in Diana Lampe's Embroidery for all Seasons.
This was my first attempt at using a woven picot stitch.  The cattail leaves are not quite perfect, but they are far better than the practice one I made!  I used a strand of variegated green Perle Iris # 8 (color # 5062.)

The tips of the cattails were made with gathered brown 4mm silk ribbon.

No pond scene is complete without a dragonfly, is it?  I love these shimmery blue beads.  I used 4mm light blue silk ribbon for the wings.

I do hope Donna likes it!


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