Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekly Goal Updates

I have been procrastinating with this post, because I did not meet last week's goals.  (Does 2 out of 4 count?!)  I had a really, really fun time with the crazy quilt project though.  I did not touch the writing.  I ran 2 days, not 3.  However, I did finish a sewing project.  My first purse was completed.  (Now, I REALLY want to make a crazy quilt purse, but I refuse to start a new project yet. *grins*)  And I made great progress on my first block for my crazy quilt.

So... my goals for this week are:
Writing: Write 1000 words (Between work and appointments, it is a busy week.)
Running: I am not setting a goal this week.  I want to run 3 days by Monday.  However, my eldest was home today with a fever and a sore throat.  I feel my energy ebbing, and my throat is beginning to burn, so I may not be up to that - we'll see.  I do plan to register for the Warrior Dash though, and put together a specific training program to follow.
Sewing Projects - Work on quilt top 
Crazy Quilt - Finish October block

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