Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Crazy Quilt Day 11

I made a few discoveries today.  First of all, I love the look of the DMC rayon embroidery flosses.  Second, I find them difficult to work with when using more than one strand because they are so slick.  (So, I am very s-l-o-w with them.)

This evening, I managed to make time to complete three more seams on the February block.  First, I added three fans using a combination of straight and chain stitches.  I used DMC floss 30899 (or S899) for the fan, and DMC 30818 (or S818) to make small stitches in between.  A small pink 10/0 glass seed bead added the final touch.

Next, I used DMC 3688 to make a stem stitch along the seam of the small pink triangle to the right.  After that, I began on the third seam.  I made a cheveron stitch with DMC 33607.  Then I made pairs of lazy daisy stitches with DMC 30702 (or DMC S702).  After that, I learned how to make stem stitch rosettes using a variegated pink DMC 4180.  They are kind of hard to see in this picture.  Let's just say, I think I improved by the fourth rosette, and I still need some practice to make them all the same size.  However, they were fun to make.

Tomorrow will be crazy busy (no pun intended), but I hope to find some time to complete another seam!


Lei said...

Renee, your block is so pretty. I am itching to try my hand at making a block of my own but finding it difficult to start. Getting up the nerve to move forward is always the hardest part. Can't wait to see what you do next. Lei

Renee said...

Lei, thank you! I completely agree about finding the nerve to move forward. I keep hoping some day I will be able to pick up a block and get right to work. Some days I sit and stare at it far longer than I care to admit, trying to decide which direction to take. I keep reminding myself it is a work in progress and that mistakes are my opportunity to learn what not to do next time. :) I look forward to seeing your work!