Saturday, March 24, 2018

InCoWriMo 2018 in Review

Now that all of the mail I sent out in February should have been delivered, I thought I would share a recap of my 2018 InCoWriMo adventure.

I received another lovely postcard! This one is from Beth, a crazy quilting friend, and it is a beauty. The photo is copyrighted, but I was able to find it on-line. It is a National Trust image taken by Andrew Butler (image 53085 - it may be seen here.) 

To be honest, I was not expecting to receive mail through InCoWriMo, so every delivery was a treat! 

In addition to that postcard and the photos below of items previously shared, I also received several emails and messages through Facebook from friends that received mail from me. 

This lovely card and set of goodies from Christine.

This beautiful letter with pretty hearts from my blogging friend at Createology.

This fun postcard featuring a photo by Jeffrey Peterson of the M.J. Lee Ferry in Oregon from Kathy

Mail I sent:
One fabric postcard that I made last year.

Six Valentines featuring the digital stamp, "You Have Mail" from The Paper Shelter.

Two birthday cards. (I forgot to photograph.)

One "Thank You" card (seen here with my phonecase from Case Designs, featuring "Kindred Spirits" by Anne Stokes - found here.)

Twenty-four postcards featuring my "Snail Mail" CQJP 2018 February Block. I had these printed by Costco Photo Center and they were so much fun to mail out!

In all, I mailed out 34 items in February.

Where my outgoing InCoWriMo mail went:
Australia - 2
Canada - 1
The Netherlands - 1
The United Kingdom - 2
    England - 1
    Wales - 1
USA - 28
    Alabama - 1  
    Arizona - 2
    California - 1
    Illinois - 1
    Indiana - 1
    Michigan - 2
    Montana - 1
    New York - 1
    North Carolina - 1
    Oregen - 12
    South Carolina - 4
    Tennesee - 1

I received mail from:
The United Kingdom

If you emailed me your address for InCoWriMo and have not received a letter or card from me, please be sure to let me know! (I feel like I missed something...)

I want to thank you all for making InCoWriMo so much fun!

Did you know that April is National Letter Writing Month in the USA? I just read that the US Postal Service is kicking off National Letter Writing Month with limited edition "From Me to You" stamps.

An Internet search for "April National Letter Writing Month" brought up several interesting links. Only a couple are listed here.

The Smithsonian's National Postal Museum Blog has an interesting post by Nancy Pope encouraging readers to pick up a pen and paper to write a letter in April.

There is also a letter writing challenge in April. The Write-On Challenge began in 2014, inspired by Tess Darrow, the founder of Egg Press. It is a challenge to write 30 letters in 30 days. You may learn more about it here

Thanks for visiting!

InCoWriMo stands for International Correspondence Writing Month. It is a personal challenge to write a letter, note or card every day in February. You may learn more about it here. I am looking forward to InCoWriMo 2019!


Brigitte said...

This was a very successful month for you. I hope that May will be just as successful for me when I will have my personal letter-writing month.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's sad that the days of sending letters in the actual mail seem to be almost non-existent so it's a good thing that these online incentive challenges are there. The internet is quicker but nothing beats the thrill of finding something special in the mailbox.

Katie said...

I was so very thankful to be included this year. I loved my postcard and have it displayed proudly.

Anonymous said...

There will be one more - eventually!

FlashinScissors said...

Gosh you have been busy, Renee! What a clever idea InCoWriMo was/is.
Your “crazy” postcards look lovely ..... it must have been so exciting for all the recipients when they popped through their doors!
What a lot of lovely cards you sent! And what lovely gifts you received from Christine, Kathy and Creatology too!
Great fun!
Barbara xx

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I used to write letters a couple of times a month, but, my friend died early in Feb. She didn't have email, and loved to get things (funnies, stories, etc). I still write to another friend, but, he'll have email access by the end of May, so, won't need 'snail mail' letters after that. There is something to be said for receiving something that is NOT bills or junk in the mailbox. I still send greeting cards to several people.

Createology said...

Old fashioned snail mail is very special in these days of social media and instant emoji texts. I love mail from other states and countries and you really did well. April I join fellow NLWM mailers and last year I mailed a crazy amount of over 300 letters, cards and postcards. It got so crazy and expensive, I am skipping the madness this year. I will mail to many of my previous pen pals and hopefully surprise them. Happy Mailings Dear...<3