Friday, September 29, 2017

Jellyfish Wall Quilt

This Jellyfish Wall Quilt was just added to my Hand Stitched Treasure Etsy Shop. (Here is a link to the listing.)

11-1/8" Tall
8-5/8" Wide 

It features a unique hand embroidered, hand beaded center.

If you follow my blog, you may recall my plans to sew this into a glasses case. Unfortunately, I realized it was just too wide for that.

So, I sewed on a black border and backed it with the same blue fabric used for the binding.

The binding was hand sewn on the back side of the wall quilt.

Triangles were added to the upper corners on the back. It includes a 1/4" oak dowel rod that fits perfectly. This allows the piece to be hung on a photo hook. 

A small tag has been added to share a bit of information. Care instructions are on the reverse side of the tag.

The wall quilt is non-washable. Although some people recommend placing nylon stockings over the embroidery and then using the hose attachment of a vacuum cleaner, I like Pamela Kellogg's method using a piece of plastic canvas as a barrier to protect the embroidery and embellishments. (To me, plastic canvas seems sturdier and less likely to shift while vacuuming.)

After hand sewing the binding to the back, I realized there was a small pucker along the black border on the upper-left side of the wall quilt. So, I learned how to add a 10% discount to an item in my Etsy shop. 

The price is reduced on this wall quilt and it includes free shipping within the United States. 

I hope to have another finish to share tomorrow. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Notes that may be of interest...
I sometimes share sneak peeks of my work-in-progress on Instagram (here) and on my Hand Stitched Treasure Facebook page (here.) 


Katie said...

Oh I just love this. Good luck with your sale. I bet it will go fast.

Queeniepatch said...

It is a lovely design on the front of course, but also on the back. Great hanging sleeve!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

This is a pretty one Renee. I hope it sells fast! And thanks for sharing Pam's hint about using plastic canvas.

Brigitte said...

Absolutely gorgeous, this wallhanging.

Anonymous said...

It makes a beautiful wallhanging - much better than a glasses case, I think! It was so nice of you to include the dowel.

Justine said...

Beautiful work - I'm sure it will sell quickly!