Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Twilight Duel Update #21 - August 2017

On June 30th, this is how Twilight Duel looked. This is a Heaven and Earth Designs cross-stitch chart based on artwork by Ruth Thompson that I am stitching for my youngest son.

I feared the blue in this piece might become boring to stitch, but I love seeing all of the shades fill in the night sky.

5,504 stitches were added in July. Page 7 was completed and a bit of the gap on page 3 was filled in (on the far left.) Progress was also made on pages 13 and 19 along the bottom.

A photo of the full chart is on the sidebar to the right.

44,728 stitches are done. Only 102,872 stitches to go! (Only... I type with a chuckle.)

5 of 24 pages are complete.

Percent Complete:

Project:           30.3% (It was 26.57%)
Pages 1 & 2: 100% 
Page 3:            28.9% (It was 20.95%)
Page 4:         100%
Page 5:             1.83%
Page 6:             0%
Pages 7 & 8: 100% (Page 7 was 46.63%)
Page 9:             2.73%
Page 10:           0.25%
Page 11:           0%
Page 12:           0%
Page 13:         48.18% (It was 42.51%)
Page 14:           3.62%
Page 15:           0%
Page 16:           0%
Page 17:           0%
Page 18:           0%
Page 19:         13.03% (It was 0%)

Last month, I mentioned a potential splurge on a phone case featuring artwork by Ruth Thompson. Well, it turns out that goheadcase.com features a lot of artwork - including work by Anne Stokes and I also love her dragons. So, my son selected a phone case featuring Ruth Thompson's "Coldfire" and I chose "Kindred Spirits" by Anne Stokes. (I am not affiliated with the company, but my son and I love our new cases!)

I have been trying my best not to buy any more cross-stitch charts, because I have enough to keep me busy for the next decade or so (literally.) However, I have been sorely tempted to order either "Kindred Spirits" or "Mini Kindred Spirits AS" from Heaven and Earth Designs. It is such a gorgeous piece of art.

Although it is Tuesday, I am linking up with Monday Stitchery Link Party #122 at Super Mom - No Cape! (We had internet issues yesterday.) There is another adorable vintage pattern available and some lovely work has been shared.

Thank you for stopping by! 


Pamela said...

Great progress. I like the blues. Glad you aren't finding them boring.

Queeniepatch said...

There are so many shades of blue, from lavender to aqua in this piece or art so it can't be boring!

Tiffstitch said...

Wow!!! You got a lot done, that's fantastic. He must be so happy. :)

Catherine said...

Gosh that sounds like a lot of stitches! It is looking wonderful and is coming along so quickly!

Anonymous said...

A LOT of visible progress! I knew this one had to be coming after the other two - you have stitched a LOT of stitches the last six weeks! Are you having trouble sleeping? LOL Your cases are both wonderful. I'm sorely tempted, but sticking with the very not-decorative otter box as I grow klutzier!

Renee said...

Thank you, Catherine! Yes, it was a lot of stitches. I aimed for at least an hour a day and woke up early to get that time in.

Justine said...

That's beautiful. I'm so glad you've filled in the gap!

I love both your son's and your new phone cases. Kindred Spirits is a gorgeous design.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You are SUCH an enabler - I don't have one of those types of phones, but I did go and wishful think over the cross stitch pattern. I didn't succumb though (at least not yet!). I can see great progress on Twilight Duel - good for you!

SuperMomNoCape said...

It was cool to see the blue area under the white dragon's tail filled in. I love looking from picture to picture and spotting the differences and seeing your progress. :)

Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party and for the link back. Aloha hugs!