Monday, June 26, 2017

A Magical Ride!

Several years ago, I purchased Stoney Creek Collection: Cool Friends Book 211. I loved the snowmen and this darling chart for "Magical Ride" was an instant favorite.

Imagine my delight when I discovered stitching a mirror image of the pattern (and omitting the snowy hills) would allow it to fit perfectly onto a patch of the crazy quilt stocking I am making for my eldest son!

This was my first time using Kreinik Blending Filament (which reminded me of tinsel for the Christmas tree that my mom used to buy every year) and I loved the extra sparkle it added to the metal parts of the sleigh. The fringes of the scarf used the Turkey Stitch, which was another first for me.

(If you are on Instagram, you may find all of my "Magical Ride" update photos here.)

This Christmas stocking is #10 on my list for the All People Quilt UFO Challenge 2017, which was the project selected for June. I will not finish it this month, but am very happy with this darling snowman addition!

My progress on this stocking will also be shared on the 1 X-mas Item a Month blog. (There are some darling creations being shared again this year if you want to check them out here.)

I am also linking with Monday Stitchery Link Party #116 at Super Mom - No Cape! (If you do any hand stitching and have a blog, please join the party!)

New Crazy Quilting Books:

For those of you that Crazy Quilt (or want to learn to Crazy Quilt), you may be interested in knowing Kathy Shaw has published another book. If you order a copy from her Etsy Shop by July 3rd, you may take advantage of a discounted price. You may learn more about it here and there is more info and a few sneak peeks here.

Sharon Boggon also released a great embroidery book. You may find it here. (At the time of this post, Amazon lists it as the #1 New Release in Patchwork.)

Please note: I am not affiliated with either book or shop. Links are added for your convenience.

2020 Challenge

Have you heard about the 2020 Challenge? If you crazy quilt (or want to begin) I encourage you to check it out here at Pintangle. You may also see Sharon B.'s first block for her 2020 Challenge here

If you are going to participate, please let me know! I really want to join the fun, but am determined to continue marking UFO's off of my list. So, I would love to follow your progress and cheer you on!

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Anonymous said...

hi Renee wow love your snowman,well done xx

Queeniepatch said...

I have not the done Turkey Stitch either, so I will have to put that on my list.
The 2020 cq challenge is very tempting, but I will NOT add another project until I have ticked off a couple of WIPs first. Well 2020 is not tomorrow and I can start at a later stage. So can you, if you wish to. Don't rush into such a new and BIG project.

Brigitte said...

Oh my, Renee, he is such a sweet little guy. Stoney creek have such wonderful patterns, don't they?

Catherine said...

What a great happy snowman! A bit of sparkle is always lovely, especially on something like this 😊

sharonb said...

HI Renee Love the snowman and thanks for spreading the word about the challenge and the book. I am thrilled it is going so well!

Pamela said...

Very cute snowman. Well done.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

All I could think of when I saw this little fellow was 'wheeeee'! I'm waiting quite impatiently for my copy of Sharon's book to arrive and will be ordering Kathy's as soon as it's available for shipment here. So much for my trying not to buy any new books!!

crazyQstitcher said...

Love your snowman. The metallic thread would enhance the work.
I learned Turkey stitch when I made cloth-doll hair. It's easy and quick to fill an area. It's good for grass too.
I enjoyed the Instagram work from the past.

Anonymous said...

I like seeing it more up-close than Instagram allows. It's a wonderful snowman, and great addition to your stocking!

SuperMomNoCape said...

What an adorable little snowman! I love how you used metallic for the runners. I've never heard of Turkey stitch before but it's perfect for the fringe.

I need to get back to working on UFOs too. :)

Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party and for the link back. Aloha hugs!

Renee said...

Thank you, Catherine! I wish the photo did the sparkle justice. :)

Renee said...

Sharon, thank you! I love your book and it is so much fun to see all of the progress people are making with their 2020 challenges. You inspire so much creativity. :)