Monday, December 12, 2016

CQI Under the Sea Round Robin 2015 - Final Block Embellished!

Crazy Quilting International Under the Sea Round Robin 2015

I have been sharing my progress on Twilight Duel 
on the 2nd Monday of the month. 
There is no new progress, as I have been focusing on 
some crazy quilt projects. 

(Be forewarned: this is a photo heavy post!)

I am so excited! 
I finished my final block from the 2015 Crazy Quilting International Under the Sea Round Robin.

(I shared a few sneak peeks on Instagram. 
You may find me there at neeorama/Renee Younger.)

This block was incredibly challenging for me because 
it needed to fit in with the other blocks from the round robin. 
There was so much texture... 
However, I think I managed to pull it off.

By using some lace, I was able to balance the bottom of the block. (One piece of the lace was a gift and the other was purchased from Barbara "Nicki Lee". She sells her hand dyed lace through her Etsy shop, Raviolee Dreams. I am not affiliated with the shop, but added a link for your convenience.)

I spied this seahorse pendant at Jo-Ann Fabrics and had to purchase it for this block. I think it helps balance the top of these two blocks. I do love the fish Barbara added to the block she embellished!

If they were comfortable with the idea, 
I asked the ladies in the round robin to embroider their name and possibly the state they lived in onto the block they embellished. 
To keep things consistent, I added mine, too. 
However, I forgot to leave enough room at the bottom of the block. 
I stitched it along one side and kept it subtle, 
so it is a bit hard to see in this photo.

Kathy S. and Sandra T. did a beautiful job embellishing the top blocks. The sun, waves, surfer, island and dolphin are so much fun!

Mary B. and Sandy B. both did a fantastic job 
of coordinating the ocean floor! 
The jelly, eel, coral, shells and vegetation 
all add so much texture and interest.

Thanks to these talented ladies, the bare blocks pictured above transformed into the incredible under-the-sea scene pictured below.

When I created these blocks, I thought I would quilt them together as with an Attic's Window pattern (I think that is what sane quilters call it...) Now, I am tempted to just sew them together as they are.

Note: I loaned a relative my digital camera. Taking photos with my phone proved challenging - they tended to be pretty blurry. 
I hope to have better photos to share of the completed wall quilt.

Also, if you are curious, you may see the blocks I embellished during this round robin for Kathy S., Sandra T., Barbara S., Mary B., and Sandy B. by clicking on their names to follow the links.

Crazy Quilting International is a group that celebrates and encourages the creation of hand embellished crazy quilts. Due to frequent technical difficulties on the Yahoo group system, most active members now meet at Crazy Quilt International on Facebook. I am currently one of 3 moderators for the group. There is also a Crazy Quilting International blog that I plan to update regularly in 2017. 

If you do any hand embroidery and have a blog, I encourage you to add a link to your work and join the party!

Thank you for stopping by! 



Katie said...

There just isn't words to explain how much I LOVE this. Just breathtaking and amazing what you ladies have created. Gorgeous! I think your block fits perfectly!!

Pamela said...

How gorgeous !

Laura said...

Just beautiful! And so much creativity in each block! I look forward to seeing this project finished.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Ooooh - wonderful!! I'm currently working on an undersea piece too so it was great fun to see these blocks. Love your wee seahorse addition btw - lucky find at Jo-Ann's!

Queeniepatch said...

There is a landscape in every block, the attention to detail is jaw dropping and the overall result a fantastic quilt. Well done.

Meari said...

Wow! Those are AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

I agree you've balanced it perfectly! I can't believe that beautiful seahorse came from JoAnn's. I thought surely someplace exotic. LOL A beautiful grouping of blocks, and I think set together would be so gorgeous. Excellent work on your block, and beautiful laces.

Brigitte said...

You just can't post too many pictures of all these little under the sea beauties. Fantastic to see them all together.

Angela said...

The under the sea blocks are absolutely gorgeous!