Thursday, April 14, 2016

CQJP 2106 February Block Seams 5 & 6

The 5th seam on my Crazy Quilt Journey Project 2016 February block was a fun one to stitch. 

Using a strand of size 12 DMC #699 pearl cotton floss, I followed the seam with a buttonhole stitch. However, I alternated sides of the seam with each stitch.

Then I added French knots to the "stems" on one side of the seam and pairs of detached chain stitches to the "stems" on the other side to create flowers. These were created with size 8 Anchor #1206 pearl cotton - a black and red variegated floss.

I love how adding a few straight stitched leaves or detached chain stitched leaves can add so much to a seam. You can really see the difference in the photo above.These were created with the same green used for the buttonhole stitch.

Seam 6 was pretty simple. I worked fly stitches across the seam using a strand of size 5 DMC #368 pearl cotton. Then I added French knots to the tips of those stitches using a strand of size 8 DMC #815 pearl cotton.

Only 2 seams to go, but I have several motifs to add. I will continue working on this block this week.

It is hard to believe the 3rd weekend of the month is almost here! I will be participating with the International Hermit & Stitch Weekend (IHSW) again this month and I plan to make more progress on my Heaven and Earth Designs Twilight Duel project and my CQJP block. 

IHSW is sponsored by Joyce at Random Ramblings. Details are here and if you would like to participate, sign ups for this month are here.

Thank you for stopping by!

For those wondering - CQJP 2016 is a personal stitching challenge to complete a block a month. You may learn more about it here. If you are interested in joining next year, sign ups for CQJP generally open up in November and close in December.


Christine Barnsley said...

Two more beautiful seams Renee! I love how all the little details add to the richness of the seam! Can't wait to see the finished block! Christine x

Sandra said...

Nice seams. Where do you get your seam ideas from? Do you have a book or just use what comes to mind?

Brigitte said...

Both seams are very beautiful but my favorite would be the second that you show. I love its simplicity.

Queeniepatch said...

It is so fascinating how a few stitches joined together can create beautiful flowers.
Have fun at the stitching camp.

Katie said...

Beautiful seams. Good luck with your IHSW!

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, I was happy just making a basic even stitch over a seam, and then you start adding things, and before you know it, those bare seams look unfinished! These are lovely seam treatments, and surely fit in nicely with what you already showed. I look forward to seeing what else comes about. Have a great hermit weekend!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

More pretty seam treatments - it is fun to add things to a basic stitch to see what you can come up with.