Monday, April 11, 2016

Twilight Duel Update #8 April 2016

I know my last few posts have all been cross-stitch. I promise to share some embroidery on a crazy quilt project tomorrow. Today is the 2nd Monday of the month, so it is time for an update on my Heaven and Earth Designs Twilight Duel cross stitch, based upon artwork by Ruth Thompson.  
The photo above shows how it looked last month.

Here is a photo showing 7 months of progress - from August 30, 2015 - March 30, 2016.

There is a challenge on the New Official Heaven and Earth Designs Facebook Group to complete a full page using only one color at a time. Page 8 (beneath page 2 - with the wing tips in the photo to the left) would have been the easiest to get to, but my son wanted to see the black dragon emerge. So, I made my way to page 4 (as some of page 3 had been stitched.) Page 4 should be complete by June 15th.
This is how it looks now. I added 1,933 stitches this past month.

Percent complete:
Project: 9.56%
Page 1: 100% Done!
Page 2: 58.15%
Page 3: 4.85%
Page 4: 17.07%
Page 5: 0% (10 stitches)
Page 7: 2.7%
Page 10: 0.14%

I also took a picture of it while I had it out of the Q-snap frame, just in case you wondered how big it will be. 

I try not to think of it this way and just take it one stitch at a time!

For the challenge, I finished all of the black on page 4 and am now working on completing a 2nd color.

I am linking up with Stitchery Link Party #53 at Super Mom - No Cape! I encourage you to visit to see the free vintage embroidery pattern and to see what other bloggers have been working on this week. If you do any hand embroidery and have a blog, I encourage you to link up and join the fun!

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Christine Barnsley said...

Well done Renee! More great progress made! Have a lovely week! Christine x

Justine said...

That's a lot of progress - and is going to look awesome as the black dragon emerges!

Katie said...

Oh I just love this one. Great work!!!

Anthea said...

What a challenge the group has set! I suppose sometimes a bit of something different to encourage progress is a good idea & can break up the work a bit

Lin said...

What an interesting project and challenge. xx

Tiffstitch said...

Nice progress! It almost looks like a face there now, which is interesting. I can't decide about the new challenge. I would have to start a new one I think, or maybe I could go back to Mini Winter Magic. We'll see. I have too many WIPs, but that would mean working on one that hadn't been touched in forever, so that might be worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

It's looking amazing. You don't have enough of a challenge, you have to add more? LOL I really love the design, but I'll never make one. If you take a good photo and send it, I'll print it and have it framed, though. LOL Congratulations on so much accomplished.

Queeniepatch said...

I, too, first thought I saw a face in those black stitches... You have made great progress, but still have a long way to go. I am sure you and your son are having a good time checking the progress.

Brigitte said...

Wow, great progress on this piece.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's amazing to see so much progress on this one. I love the challenge premise - making a game out of a big project like this makes it so much more fun.