Thursday, June 20, 2013

First CQ Messenger Bag Post 6

Close up of upper-right corner of the messenger bag's front flap.
Last night, I finished up this section of the front flap.

Using 2 strands of pink DMC 30818 rayon floss, I made three lazy daisy stitches at the top of the tall flower stems along the seam.  I filled each lazy daisy stitch with a straight stitch so the pink fabric beneath did not show through as much.

Next, I added the butterfly on the right.  Although it is blue, I used pink and blue variegated Lola EdMar floss #093.  And the butterfly on the right was stitched with 2 strands of light yellow DMC 30745 rayon floss.

The flight paths for both butterflies were stitched with a single strand of DMC metallic white floss.  The photos fail to capture how they shimmer in the light.

The blue bird was added with straight stitches in blue 4mm silk ribbon.  A tiny straight stitch with a single strand of black DMC #310 floss created the beak and the eye.

Upper-right corner of messenger bag's front flap.
One section is now complete!

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