Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Snowball from Nicki Lee!

A snowball from Nicki Lee!  It is even prettier in person.
Look what arrived in the mail today!  Nicki Lee from Raviolee Dreams made this for me.  It is the very first in my winter/snowman snowball collection through the Crazy Quilting International Snowball Swap. (Someday, I may have to make my first Etsy purchase.  Nicki Lee has the prettiest laces and I would love to add some to my crazy quilting stash.  The Christmas wish list has begun!)

Snowman Close-up.  Stitching by Nicki Lee at Raviolee Dreams
The net, the pearls and the beads shimmer and shine in the light.  You can almost catch the shimmer in the photo above.  I just love the falling snow.

Stitching by Nicki Lee at Raviolee Dreams.

My eldest (nicknamed Monkey), calls this feather-stitched section my "wintery tree."  Those facets on those silver beads love to sparkle in the light!  And the bugle beads on the right love to shine.

Stitching by Nicki Lee at Raviolee Dreams.
The metallic blue floss sparkles.  Isn't this lovely?!

Stitching by Nicki Lee at Raviolee Dreams.
I love everything about this beautiful snowball.

My youngest thought he was being clever.  (His nickname is Mutt, because he loves dogs.  And, because I refused to call him Piggy, even if he could oink well when he was little.  Recently, he admitted that I was right when I explained he would thank me for that refusal some day.)  When he saw my snowball, he declared, "That's a horrible summer block!"  My husband and I looked at him funny.  He grinned and added, "That's why it's a wonderful winter block!"  Silly kid, sure is cute.

Thank you, Nicki Lee!

I finished my second snowball this week and mailed it to India.  I am trying to wait until Andrea receives it before I post pictures, but it is not easy. 

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NickiLee said...

So happy you liked the snowman - when you are ready I'll send you a real one come winter!

Renee said...

It's ADORABLE! We haven't had a snow day in a couple of years, so we're ready for a real snowman. ;)