Saturday, June 2, 2012

My First Purse!

A couple of months ago, I decided I wanted a new purse.  The ones I liked in the stores were priced too high for me.  Honestly, I am not much of a "purse" person, so I cannot justify spending too much on one.  My mother-in-law has made a couple of cute handbags, and my adorable little niece made her first one last fall.  They were so cute, I decided to make one too. 

I purchased Simplicity Learn to Sew Pattern 2164 and decided to try to make Bag C.  Years ago, I set aside several  pairs of my husband's old, worn-out jeans.  I thought I would use them for a quilt someday, but a denim purse sounded fun.  The back side of the thighs just barely fit the purse pattern, and the front of the legs worked for the strap.  For the lining and outer pocket, I found a piece of fabric I have had packed away for years.  All I had to purchase, besides the pattern, was a button.  I even managed to find one that matched the lining/outside pocket fabric perfectly!

Last night, I ran into a bit of a glitch.  The handle of the bag was sewn together with the right sides together, and was then turned right side out.  The denim was simply too thick to maneuver through the distance of the strap.  It was not going to work.  Luckily, I had enough of the lining fabric to improvise.  So, it is a little more colorful than I had planned; but it worked!

Front View

Back View

Inside the Bag

Another project completed.  (The next one may be a bit more time consuming, but it will be fun!)

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