Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crazy Quilting Day 16

I did not make a ton of progress, but I replaced the chain-stem rosettes with a seam treatment I was much happier with!  It was pretty simple, too.

Using 2 strands of red DMC 304, I made 5 straight stitches of the same length, fanning out from the same central point.  Next, I used 2 strands of white to place a French knot at the end of each straight stitch and make lazy daisy stitches between them.

The pattern extends to the edge (and slightly past) my quarter-inch seam, and I am okay with that.  My goal is to avoid placing buttons or beads too close, so they will not interfere with machine sewing the blocks into a quilt.  However, I may make an exception with this block, because the beaded lace I added to the upper-left corner already requires hand stitching this block in place.

At the end of Day 16, my second block has progressed to the photo at the right.  There are only 4 seam treatments to go, and a few motifs.  Ideas are brewing in my little mind.  I hope they turn out the way I picture them!


Ruby said...

If you wish the beads on that lace can be removed so you can machine stitch the blocks together. You decide where they should stop to allow a seam and 'over stitch' the last bead or two to reinforce them. Ruby

Renee said...

That had not even occurred to me, Ruby! It makes complete sense though. Thank you!!!