Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crazy Quilt Day 19

I wish I had something more exciting to share, but I have not made a ton of progress the past few days.

Silver Falls State Park
I spent Saturday shopping with my mom and preparing for a camping trip with my family.  On Sunday, we drove to Silver Falls State Park to stay a few nights in a cabin we rented.  It has been years since we last visited Silver Falls, and I still love it there.  This was our first time renting a cabin.  Normally, we take a tent.  Of course, it rained while we were there... This is Oregon, after all! (And it is absolutely beautiful outside, now that we are home!) Needless to say, we were very thankful for the cabin.  The sun came out long enough to make some great memories, play some frisbee and to take a 3-mile hike.  We played Small World and Rummy in the cabin while it rained.  It was nice and cozy.

We arrived home last night, and I was determined to put together the block for the Round Robin I am going to participate in next month.  So, I went to work (at 9:30 p.m.) and began making that block, and my January block.  It was a late night - lol!

Unfortunately, I was unhappy with how "square" my Round Robin block was turning out.  I finally figured out a way to fix that, but I was so far into the project that the block simply did not work.  It was not cohesive.  I hoped to fix it today, but I have been busy catching up on laundry and chores after our camping adventure and playing with my boys.

Round Robin Block - Attempt 1

This is how the Round Robin block looked before I began pulling seams today.  I am happy with most of the colors.  As much as I like the heart fabric at the top, the red hearts make it a lot darker than the other pinks.  It may not be in the revised version.  We'll see...

January Block
Here is the January block.  I am anxious to begin working on this one, as ideas are already brewing.  I just need to finish up February first!

I did make the block a few inches larger this time, taking suggestions from a couple of crazy quilters with the Crazy Quilting International Yahoo Group.  The pink basting stitch marks the seam lines of the block.  This should be another fun one to watch transform into something new.

I wish you all a fantastic Wednesday evening!

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