Tuesday, January 31, 2017

CQJP 2017 January Seams 11 & 12 - TAST 60 & 67

TAST Stitch 60: Inverted Feather Stitch

The inverted feather stitch was worked with size 8 DMC #605 pearl cotton. 

It was fun to stitch, but I need more practice!

Feeling it needed more to it, I added 3 heart-shaped beads. (These were purchased from an Etsy Shop that went out of business.)

It still felt like it needed more, so I used size 8 DMC #320 pearl cotton to run a stem stitch along the top of the inverted feather stitched seam. Using the same thread, straight stitches were added to create stems and leaves for flowers emerging from heart-shaped pots. (This idea was inspired by a comment Sharon B. made about my magic chain stitch. She noted that the white stitches could be pots for the flowers above.) Each stem was topped with a pair of fly stitches and a French knot with size 8 Anchor variegated pink pearl cotton. I love the way it turned out!

TAST 67: Raised Cup Stitch

The raised cup stitch was worked with Presencia Finca perle cotton #1724. 

(My apologies. My camera did not want to focus on these, and if I crop it more, the photo blurs more. The 3 raised cups are at the top.)

3 mm dark pink beads were added to the center of each raised cup using a strand of DMC 3605 floss.

This is the 12th seam on my CQJP 2017 January block and it is not quite complete. After the embroidery is finished on the block, I will be adding green silk ribbon leaves to each of these little cups to turn them into flowers.

In 2014, I used the raised cup in a similar fashion on another project, as seen here.

It is a fun stitch to work, but takes me a while.

Thank you for stopping by!

Notes that may be of interest:

TAST stands for Take a Stitch Tuesday. It is a personal challenge to learn new embroidery stitches and is offered by Sharon B. at Pintangle. Many participants share their work on Facebook. You may also find photos of TAST work on Instagram by searching #TASTembroidery or #PintangleTAST. You may learn more about TAST here and find the Facebook group here.

Celebrating her 10th year with TAST, Sharon is sharing a series of interviews with TAST participants. Last week, she interviewed Annet of Fat Quarter. Annet does beautiful work and created the TAST log pictured above. You may find the interview here and visit Annet's blog here.

Valerie Bothell is beginning the Joyful Embellishment series again through her Facebook group this week. You may find the group here.

The Spring 2017 Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine is available on MagCloud now. The cover features work by Allison Aller. (Her work is stunning and one of her books began my crazy quilt book collection.) I just took a quick look at my copy of the magazine and love some of the bird tutorials shared. You may find the Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazines on MagCloud here and learn more about submitting your work here.

InCoWriMo begins tomorrow! INternational COrrespondence WRIting MOnth is a challenge to hand write and mail or hand deliver a card, postcard, note, or letter every day in the month of February. You may learn more about it here. (According to the participant map, I am 1 of 8 Oregonians participating.) If you would like to receive a letter from me, please let me know in a comment. (If you are a no-reply blogger, you will need to include your email address.) Please do not post your address in the comments. I can email you privately for that information to protect your privacy. If you are participating, please let me know!

CQJP 2017 stands for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2017. You may learn more here and see the blocks completed this year here.

Note: I am not affiliated with anything linked to in this post.


Christine B said...

Beautiful TAST stitches Renee! Love how you have added them to your block! Christine x ps. Am I just imagining it or have your changed your blog name? You probably changed it months ago and I have only just noticed!! xx

Pamela said...

Beautiful stitches and lots of great information! Thanks.

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Gorgeous work. Love your stitching.

Createology said...

I really like the bead hearts with the stitched flowers. How fun your seams are. Happy Mailing every day of February! I will mail you a card.

Queeniepatch said...

What a good idea to put a bead in the Raised Cup!
As always you present beautiful work.

Katie said...

Beautiful! The beads add beautiful touches to both.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

The little heart beads were the perfect added touch, along with the flowers.