Monday, October 31, 2016

Fractal White Tiger October 2016 Update

This month I added less than 500 stitches to the Charting Creations Fractal White Tiger piece I am stitching for my eldest son. The artwork is by Ricky Barnard.

The colors in this top photo are accurate. Last month, I had a hard time getting a good picture.

This is how it looked last month. I filled in some of the white and finished most of the third stripe on the right.

This piece is a joy to work on. 

I am linking up with A New Stitchy Start.

I am also linking up with Stitchery Link Party #82 at Super Mom - No Cape.

I spent the day making Halloween treats for my youngest son and his friends. 

Pinterest came to my rescue with their last minute plans to watch movies at our house and give out candy to trick-or-treaters. I am so blessed that my boys are friends with such great kids.

Two of my favorite treats of the day were the Oreo pudding dirt cups with tombstones and Purple People Eaters. For the dirt cups, I used the recipe from this pin on Pinterest, but added the tombstones after seeing them in other photos. 

The recipe for Purple People Eaters may be found through this pin on Pinterest. (Due to lack of time, my cups were not as fancy as the one shared with recipe.)

I think the kids enjoyed themselves. I know I did!  Happy Halloween.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Queeniepatch said...

MY family were treated to pumpkin soup, and no one threatened to trick me!
How did you make the tombstones? I am sure your son and his friends loved the evening.

Christine B said...

You did a fabulous job with the Halloween treats Renee! They look great! No trick or treaters at our new house..... it is a little 'off piste'! Christine x

Tiffstitch said...

Nice progress and great treats!

Anonymous said...

That's 500 stitches you won't have to do again. =) You are such a great mother, how could your boys be anything but super and attracting only the best of friends. Love your Halloween treats!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your son and his friends will remember this for a long time! It's no wonder they wanted to stay at your house if there were fun treats like this.

Brigitte said...

Nice progress on the Tiger.
Oh my, the kids must have been so pleased with the pudding dirt cups and the People Eaters, lol. These little gravestones are awesome.