Sunday, October 11, 2015

CQI UTS RR #2 - Annette's Blocks Arrived!

Look what showed up in my mailbox the end of last week! 
Annette Graves pieced these beauties with her lovely silkies.
Kathy Semone received this set of blocks first and embellished the turtle above. I particularly love her beaded stitch above the turtle and the fun swirls enhanced in the dark blue fabric beneath him.

Next the blocks were sent to Barbara Nicki Lee Seavey. I just love the golden highlights she added to the mermaids hair. As always, the use of her pretty laces just amazes me.

Now, I have the blocks.

It leaves me with quite a decision to make.

Which one do I want to embellish?

That is a very good question. 
I think I have decided. I am curious,
if you received these blocks which one would you work on?

For those of you wondering what a round robin is, this post may help. 

Crazy Quilting International (CQI) is a group that meets on Facebookand on Yahoo! You may see some of the work members have done at the CQI blog.

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Gina said...

I'd do the top one. You could embroider some dolphins so the mermaid could be swimming with them.

Pamela said...

Difficult choice. I know whichever one you choose will be wonderful when you complete it!

Christine Barnsley said...

Hello Renee! All the blocks are beautiful both before and after embellishment. I think if it were me I would choose the third one down... I just like the mermaid in that block. Whichever you choose I know you will add your own touch of magic to it! Christine x

Anthea said...

Renee , wow they're all amazing! I couldn't decide between them, good luck choosing yours!

Anonymous said...

I would pick the last one, and from previous guesses, I'm guessing you didn't. LOL What great fun these blocks all are. Thanks for sharing what the previous two ladies did.

Heather said...

I think I'd pick 2nd from the bottom. They look fun!

Katie said...

I like the bottom one. It's busy like me haha. I know for a fact though whichever one you pick will be GORGEOUS!!! Love the other ones the ladies did too. You can just send all the blocks to me please haha.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

If it were me, I would choose the top one. I'm not a huge fan of pink so it would appeal to me because it hasn't as much of that colour. The finished blocks are so pretty too.