Monday, May 6, 2013

CQJP 2013 Block 4 and Landscape Glasses Case Progress

Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2013 Block 4
One of my first stops in any fabric store these days would be the area in which they keep their fat quarters.  And, as I have always been fascinated by the idea of making a landscape quilt, I find myself drawn to landscape fabrics.

The problem with purchasing the fabrics as fat quarters, is that I do not always know who made specific fabrics.  However, I have had a few comments about the fabrics in this block, so I thought I would do my best to share a bit more information.

The blue swirl fabric used for the water was purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics - I think (maybe?)

The brown fabric I used for the muddy ground says it is by Hoffman California International Fabric.  It is a screen print and says it is style #PN008.  (I tried to find it on their website and failed.  I think I picked it up last summer at a quilting store.)

As for the lightning fabric, I was able to do a Google search and find a bit more information.  I purchased mine at a quilt store as a fat quarter.  However, I discovered the fabric is called "Lightning Storm" and it is a product of  The ID # is nat00065.

So far, I have only stitched the "water" onto the block.  I used a buttonhole stitch with a variegated blue Edmar floss.

I plan to add a tree to the block, but I have not decided how I plan to stitch it yet.  I may use satin stitches, like I did with the birch tree on my CQJP 2013 January block.

Or, I may use a chain stitch for the trunk and branches, as I did on the landscape glasses case I am working on.  (I have a few more leaves to add on the right.)  In either case, I do not believe the tree on Block 4 will have leaves.  The stormy scene could easily take place in the fall...  (Hmm... should there be leaves falling from the tree in the windy storm?  There are just SO many choices!)

My stitching must be improving... My husband saw my tree last night and exclaimed it was, "Absolutely gorgeous!"  This morning, he saw it on the table and declared it was, "Amazing!"

This is the full panel at the moment:

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