Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Stitchery Party #5

I generally save my Santa and the Mouse updates for my Work in Progress Wednesday posts. However, on Friday night I finished page 2 and I simply had to share. This chart is now 70% complete! (This was a free chart at Heaven and Earth Designs, but it has been retired. It is a smaller portion of this cross-stitch pattern that is still available.)

My motives for finishing this piece are mixed. Of course, I would love to have it fully stitched and finished for Christmas this year. I also have other charts I really, really, really want to start, but I am making myself finish this and one other cross-stitch work in progress before I move on. 

My 15-year-old asked me why I am making myself finish 2 projects before I start my next one and I told him it is a 2 steps forward, 1 step back mentality. At least I would be making some progress. He shook his head at me and I couldn't blame him. My husband decided to pipe in with, "You should finish the garden next." I held it up and asked, "This one?" His eyes widened and he admitted he was teasing when he asked me. 

This piece is about half done and I would really love to use the frame for one of my next projects. Besides, this piece will be a gift and I really would like to finish it some day. (There is more done at the top, but the frame rolls and this was all I could catch in one photo.) I set this project aside after I realized the half-stitches in the center above the gazebo were supposed to use one strand of floss instead of two. Oops. Mine will just be darker than it was supposed to be, I guess. I do love this garden scene.

As for my future projects... I took advantage of a sale at Heaven and Earth Designs last year and purchased 3 charts. And, on May 3rd, I broke down and ordered 2 more - who can resist a 40% off sale?! Between these and a few of the free charts I printed out, I have enough projects to keep me busy for the next decade or more! And this does not even include my current works in progress that are safely tucked away, waiting for some attention. 

Unless I change my mind by the time I finish the projects above, my next projects will be #1, #3 and #4 below. I'm not sure if I can post pictures from the cover pages without breaking copyright, so I only added links until I find out.

1. QS Red Hearts artwork by Ching-Chou Kuik (185 W x 254 H = 46,990 stitches) - I picture this as a center piece with crazy quilted blocks (featuring hearts, vines and flowers) framing it and have everything I need to work on it. (Actually, last November, I spent about 3 hours outlining the 28-count fabric and putting in the first few stitches. But, I made myself put it away to focus on Santa and the Mouse.) 

2. QS Rochelle  artwork by Hannah Disney (185 W x 283 H = 52,355 stitches) - I picture this as a center piece with under-the-sea themed crazy quilted blocks framing it. This one will have to wait for its turn.

3. Twilight Duel artwork by Ruth Thompson - (450 W x 328 H = 147,600 stitches) - My 15-year-old asked me to make this one for him. I am more than a little intimidated. That is a lot of blue and a lot of background. And then, there is the fact that it is HUGE! I have almost everything I need for this one. I would like to find 25-count fabric for this one and the local shops I have been to only carry 22- or 28-count. I plan to work this one into a rotation with the QS Red Hearts so I have one I can see progress quicker.

4. Train of Dreams artwork by Randal Spangler - (625 W x 164 H = 102,500 stitches) - I fell in love with this chart. There is just so much going on and it has cookies and books and dragons. My eldest son has a hard time getting excited about anything cross-stitch so I thought this one (or the chart below) might make a fun Christmas gift many years down the road. I would love to start on this one today, I am so excited!

5. Snowy Friends artwork by Dona Gelsinger - (400 W x 444 H = 177,600 stitches) - I just love snowmen and fell in love with this piece. It is bigger than Twilight Duel. Gulp!

6. Freebie Ice Princess artwork by Hannah Lynn - (250 W x 233 H = 58,250 stitches) - This is a free chart currently offered at Heaven and Earth Designs. I can picture it as a center piece framed with snowy, winter crazy quilt blocks.

7. Freebie All Hollows Eve artwork by Jessica Galbreth - (250 W x 193 H = 48,250 stitches) - This was a free chart offered at Heaven and Earth Designs last year, but it has been retired. I did find a picture someone pinned on Pinterest and linked to that if you want to see it. I picture this as a center piece with crazy quilt blocks embellished with all sorts of spiderwebs framing it. 

8. Freebie Storykeep Flower Bride artwork by Linda Tso - (95 W x 358 H = 34,010 stitches. This is another retired chart that was offered free at Heaven and Earth Designs last year. I found a picture of it on Pinterest too. However, it is a smaller section of this gorgeous chart that is still available.

Thank you for stopping by. I am linking up with the Monday Stitchery Link Party #5 at Super Mom - No Cape! She is offering a free Baby Face Rose embroidery pattern you may want to check out!


Pamela said...

Great progress! You are so good to stick with the project. I am bad about starting and not finishing things.

SuperMomNoCape said...

Your Christmas mouse stitchery is really coming along. It must feel good to be that close to finishing.

The garden one is going to be simply lovely when it's finished.

I checked out your three next choices and if I was a cross-stitcher it would be really hard to choose which one to start next. But that Train of Dreams would get my vote!

Thanks for linking up to Monday's Stitchery Link Party again this week and for linking back! I'm having to resist starting that Baby Faced Rose myself since I found that fat quarter that would look perfect with it. But like you, I'm trying to get some of my WIPs done before I start new ones... though as you can tell from my blog I'm not always successful in that department. :)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I oohed and aahed over all those wonderful patterns, but have to say my heart skipped a beat when I saw the dragons! oooooh.......

Queeniepatch said...

Will you ever sit idly and roll your thumbs? No! If you ever give up stitching, then maybe you WILL finish the garden, and then I am not talking about an embroidered garden, but the one I suppose you have outside your window! Until then, happy stitching!

Christine Barnsley said...

Hello Renee! Both the Santa and the Garden cross stitch projects are beautiful! Good luck with the other projects too... they look wonderful! :) x said...

Looking at the HAED designs I am so overwhelmed I don't think I could ever do them. Love the patterns you chose though.

Laurie said...

Wow! Terrific progress and it looks great!

Pull the other thread said...

Hey just found your blog through Supermomnocape link party. Glad I did, lovely progress on your pieces and some great projects lined up.

Justine said...

Your new HAED charts are lovely! And all so different. I really like Train of Dreams, it looks as if it would be the most fun to stitch.

Art and Sand said...

The picture you use as a header shows gorgeous work.

I started stitching again in the fall, but now I had carpal tunnel surgery and I am not sure when/if I will be able to get back to it.

Anonymous said...

You are showing awesome restraint about starting something new. I'm impressed! And you've made so much progress on your XS!