Sunday, April 12, 2015

Have A Latte Blog Hop Schedule

The Have a Latte Blog Hop offered by Mdm Samm begins tomorrow! This blog hop features the Have a Latte line of fabrics designed by Dan DiPaolo for Clothworks. Joan at Moosestash Quilting has been our amazing cheerleader.

I purchased 6 of the 19 fabrics and they are pictured above. However, I only used two of these for the blog hop. Can you guess which two? I will be sharing my projects on Thursday, April 16th. You can find out then! 

I do hope you will join me each day as I hop on over to see what everyone else has created. The full schedule is below.

April 13

        April 14

          April 15
  April 16

  April 17

  April 20

  April 21

  April 22

  April 23


Christine Barnsley said...

Hello Renee! Thank you for all the links for the blog hop... if I have time I will try and visit a few of the blogs.... it looks like fun! Have a lovely week! :) x

KimM said...

Oh what fun! Can hardly wait to see your project!!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh, I don't feel so bad now. I only used one of the fabrics so far because it suited my purpose for now. I am redoing my kitchen in "coffee" so I'll use them all. At least I met my "tomorrow" deadline!
xx, Carol