Saturday, March 14, 2015

Problems with Comments

During the Grow Your Blog Party, I discovered some readers were unable to comment on my blog because I had selected the "Embedded" option for comments.  

So, I changed my settings for comments to "Full Page." 

Since that time, I have had several readers email me to let me know they could no longer leave comments.  Luckily, one reader also mentioned she uses Bloglovin' to follow my posts. 

After spending a morning trying to figure out what was up with Blogger and comments on my blog, I finally thought to search for issues leaving comments with Bloglovin'.  Low and behold, I discovered blog comments must be set at either "Embedded" (which I know does not work for some readers) or "Pop Up Window" for Bloglovin' followers to leave comments.

So, I am changing my settings to "Pop Up Window" and hoping this will solve the problem.

As for Bloglovin, I know I sometimes have to type in the actual URL for a blog I am following to post a comment, because I cannot leave comments OR because the box you can click to follow comments (to read replies from bloggers that reply to comments through their blog) does not consistently show up.  Other times, I have to right click the "comment" button and select the option to "open link in new tab." I have thought about switching to another blog reader to see if this might be easier.

If you are suddenly unable to leave a comment with the new changes, I do hope you will contact me to let me know at: neeorama at gmail dot com.

Thank you for your patience!


Christine Barnsley said...

Hi Renee, hope the new settings work for you! :) x

barbara woods said...

on bloglovin you have to do [new window] to do anything. but have you noticed that you can't get craftsy blog on it at all, if bloglovin is what you are on.. I get so tired of it some times then i see someone fussing about feedly. Hope this works better for you

Michele T said...

Looks like I am not having any problems and I follow you via Bloglovin!

Michele T said...
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Michele T said...

Famous last words... Somehow I managed to leave a duplicate comment!!! Lol

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I had nothing but problems with bloglovin and finally switched over to using Inoreader - so far so good with it. Recently I've been having issues with people commenting on my blog tho' - all comments are supposed to filter into my email inbox before I approve them - now only about half end up coming through and there's seemingly no rhyme nor reason to which ones are allowed through on any given day. Very frustrating!! I hope you can figure out your issues!

Laurie said...

I think mine are going through just fine.

Queeniepatch said...

I have never had any problems leaving comments on you blog.

Shell - Little Orphan Stitch said...

Test, testing, let's see if this works!

It appears it still doesn't allow you to use the Open ID for Wordpress option under 'choose an identity'.