Friday, October 10, 2014

CQI Heart DYB Round Robin 2014 - Set 5 Recieved!

This week, I received the set of blocks pieced by Tahlia H. for the CQI Heart DYB RR 2014 and they are simply gorgeous. I hope you are ready for some eye candy!

Alexandra H. was the first to receive Tahlia's blocks and she chose this beautiful peacock block to embellish.  I absolutely love the way she trimmed the heart.  The tatted butterfly and clever flowers created with heart beads are fantastic.  The seam work is all so pretty and I love the peacock charm.

Barbara W. received the blocks next and she chose this darling bunny block.  It is just precious.  Tahlia requested a wintery, woodsy theme for this block.  I had a hard time capturing the beauty of the beaded snowflake with my camera.  I love the way the heart is also framed in snowflakes.  Doesn't it look like the bunny is sitting in a grassy spot, perhaps peeking out from the side of a tree with a small flowery plant beside it on a cold, wintery day?

Kathy S. (a.k.a. Clothqueen) received the blocks after Barbara.  I must admit, this block would have been a challenge for me to embellish.  So, I truly admire how perfect Kathy's seams are for this darling zebra block.  The colors and stitch choices all enhance this beauty.  The way she framed the heart is the perfect finishing touch.

Lisa B. received the blocks after Kathy and she chose to embellish the volcano block.  This is another block I would have found challenging, but Lisa did an amazing job with it. (On her blog post, Lisa admitted she chose the block because it was a challenge.) Her stitching enhanced the flow of lava on the fabric.  She added a seam along the left that looks like 3 volcanoes. The seam work is all lovely, and the red and yellow beaded frame around the heart really adds to the volcanic theme.

Now for the hard part.  I have to choose which of the two remaining blocks I want to embellish.  There is the beautiful tropical sunset pictured above.  Or this fun sea turtle pictured below.

Ideas for both blocks are swimming around in my little brain right now.  I wonder which one I will choose.  The only thing I have decided so far is that this is going to be fun!

Please note, you should be able to enlarge any photo by clicking on it. And, if you are new to my blog and are wondering what a CQI DYB Round Robin is, this post might be helpful.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

They're all so cute! I wouldn't want to be you and have to choose between the last two though.

Queeniepatch said...

These heart blocks are beautiful in themselves with the interesting fabric selection, but by adding embroidery, beads and ribbon they ooze out charm.
I must say I admire you for studying each and every block closely and describing it in detail - it is easy to see how much you love the eye candy.

Renee said...

I know! I think I am leaning toward the sea turtle. I follow the Pacific Whale Foundation on Facebook and they posted some pictures of them this morning. They are such amazing creatures.

Renee said...

Thank you, Queenie! I agree. Tahlia's blocks are just lovely. For me, the fun part of a round robin is having the opportunity to closely examine and admire the work of others. :)

janie krig said...

Each so unique, what fun!

Anonymous said...

Turtle! I love both blocks, but I keep being drawn toward the turtle myself.

And since you and I are so much alike.... lol.